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Receiver Circuits   Page 5
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Last Updated on: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 05:39 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

TB070: RFRXD0420 Receiver Module -  Microchip Application Note Published 20-Jun-03  (app note added 2/06)
TDA7000 Receiver -  Philips Semiconductors Application Note 193  In cordless telephone sets, a normal superheterodyne receiver is used for the 1.7MHz handset. The suppression of the adjacent The ceramic IF filter with... [Design by W.V. Dooremolen]
Tesla Power Receiver -  (design added 8/03)
Testing & Troubleshooting Digital RF Communications Receiver Designs -  Aligent Application Note  (added 04/05/06)
The "UnFETtered Crystal Radio! -  …. [Site is under construction right now]
The Amazing All Band Receiver -  (design added 8/03)
The Moorabbin regenerative AM receiver -  amateur radio construction projects…. [from Peter Parker's website]
The MRX 40 Mini Receiver -  (design added 8/03)
TL431 Crystal Radio Amplifier -  Here is a simple audio amplifier using a TL431 shunt regulator. The amplifier will provide room-filling volume from an ordinary crystal radio outfitted with a long-wire antenna….(added 04/05/06)
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Transmission Line Drivers & Receivers for TIA/EIA Standards RS-422 & RS-423 -  National Semiconductor Application Note....[App Note]
Two Transistor FM Transmitters (Rob van der Weijden) -  A compact 2 transistor transmitter for use at VHF frequencies…. [Andy Collison's circuit]
Two Watt Switching Power Supply -  from 6V to14V (added 6/06)
Ultra low frequency receiver -  The frequency covered is from 0.1Hz to 10Hz and useful signals are received up to 16Hz. The first Op-Amp, properly shielded, must be installed close…. (added 9/07)
Ultrasonic receiver -  Schematic only, no circuit description
Very High Gain Crystal Earphone Amplifier -  This simple, one-transistor amplifier provides a voltage gain over 1000 (60 dB) for driving a high impedance ceramic (crystal) earphone. The high gain is achieved by replacing the traditional collector resistor ….(added 04/05/06)
VLF radio receiver schematic -  (electronic circuit added 4/05)
Wireless Alarm Transmitter and Receiver -  Here are two circuits that make it possible to add up to eight detectors to an existing alarm system without running a single cable. Each transmitter has a unique number that is reported to the central unit in the event of an alarm, and the transmitter battery condition is monitored. ….must register on this site.... [Published in Elecktor July/August 2010]
ZN414 Portable AM Receiver -  An AM portable radio receiver made from the ZN414 IC. The ZN414 ic has now been replaced by the MK484 which is identical in performance and pinout.  (added 10/05)
ZN414 Receivers -  This is a project from the dim and distant past which has proved to be a real winner. I have used it as the basis for an 8 channel proportional R/C (AM) as well as a 145MHz FM "chat box". The receiver is very simple and is shown below. It consists of a single transistor mixer then a ZN414 radio IC to provide the gain and detection. A 741 OP-AMP is used as the final audio stage, but this could be replaced with an LM380, if you want to drive a small loudspeaker.... [Design by Harry Lythall - SM0VPO]
ZN414 SW Receiver -  A Short Wave Receiver based on the MK484 (formerly ZN414) that includes the tropical bands and 49 metre bands....(electronic design added 6/07) [Andy Collison]
Receivers:  #-A      B-H      I-Q      R-S      T-Z

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