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Robot Circuits, Page 1
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Last Updated on: Friday, October 03, 2014 10:38 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

12C508 IR Obstruction Detector -  Several robotic projects on the page, please scroll to find this one. [Dennis Clark's website]
12-way Input/Output Interface -  This interface is designed for use with a three axis robot arm based on stepper motors out of 5 1/4" drives. The circuit uses two ULN2803 'drivers' controlled by logic ICs to allow mutliple lines to be controlled at the same time. (Logic Circuit design by Ian Threlfo)....(electronic design added 6/07)
1381-based Solar Engine -  Voltage-Controlled Solar Engine: Two simple solar engine designs using a 1381* voltage discriminator.  (added 11/05)
38-kHz IR LED Circuit -  Infrared LEDs are commonly used for object detection in robots. Blinking the LED on and off 38,000 times a second improves long-range detection and reduces false triggers. Pictures, comparisons, and a schematic demonstrate a simple, reliable, low-power 555 CMOS circuit. (project added 10/06)
4-transistor H-bridge -  an interesting 4-transistor H-bridge variant; this is cheap and easy to build, and best of all is "smokeless" (i.e., no combination of inputs can cause  bridge to self-destruct).  (added 11/05)

555 Based IR Proximity Detector -  Sometimes you want a simple solution to a problem and you don't mind if your main controller has to do the work.  This IRPD requires the main robot processor to choose which side to look at, and....(added 05/06/07)
555 Based IR Proximity Detector -  Several robotic projects on the page, please scroll to find this one. [Dennis Clark's website]
555-based solar engine -  Time-Controlled Solar Engine: a solar engine design using a 555 timer IC  (added 11/05)
5-motor walker circuit -  (circuit added 6/07)
6-transistor H-bridge -  This is  six transistor "Tilden style" H-bridge; while not as old as  original "basic H-bridge," this goes "way back," and is  basis for many BEAM driver circuits (added 11/05)
90S2313 AVR Robot Board -  (electronic circuit added 4/05)
A basically simple Beetle Robot -  The Beetle Robot is a simple diy robot to impress youngsters or your non-technical friends. Its construction and operation are simple enough for just about anyone to understand…....
A Good IR Detector -  Some of the companies put two transmitters, one on each side of the detector, to get a good field of coverage for the front of the 'bot and to detect left and right. 'Robots, Inspiration to Implementation has a great schematic that you can use to build one of these. I used all Radio Shack parts for the one I made and it cost about $10 to build.  This detector will NOT detect black flower pots nor the bottom of boots (grin)....(Electronic Schematic / circuit added 4/02)
A Little Autonomous Robot -  Description and schematics of my first little robot based on the Comfile PICBASIC 3B microcontroller, SN754410 H-bridge (Texas Instruments) and Sharp GP2D02 distance measuring sensor. (project added 10/06)
A New Little Autonomous Robot -  This new robot is based on a PIC 18F4620 microcontroler and optical sensors. (project added 10/06)
A selection of robotics projects -  (electronic circuit added 4/05)
A simple effective whisker bumper -  We all have need of that last line of defense when the SONAR glitches, the IRPD doesn't and our bot is on a collision course with a table leg. That last defense against re-kitting is a bumper. I have made a few from microswitches, miniswitches and other things - usually they work, sometimes they need too much force to work and "ugh" collision.  This example is another type of sensor that doesn't use a switch, its parts are super cheap and it works just great. Its a "whisker" bumper. Let me show you some pictures and describe what is going on, a picture is worth a thousand words in this kind....
A-1 Robot -  This Robot is created using a Radio Shack project box. I have used many of  circuts from with my ideas for AI-A-1.
An IR Encoder/Decoder pair made with PIC12C508's for each of them -  Several robotic projects on the page, please scroll to find this one. [Dennis Clark's website]
Another RCX-based balancer -  I’m a sucker for interesting robots. Especially if they are built out of Legos. Everybody loves the Legway, but you have to admit that the concept is overly simplistic. The real challenge is building the system around the limited resources of Lego’s RCX....
Appetizer Robot -  This solar-powered robot is built with a BEAM design. Small dc motors are driven by a capacitor and steered by photodiodes. Photographs, links, a video, and a schematic are provided.  (project added 10/06)
AT89C2051 Line Follower Robot -  (electronic schematic / circuit added 4/02)
Audio detector for starting robots -  The following circuit can be used to detect those annoying piezo whistles that one can get from Radio Shack.  For the Trinity Home Fire Fighting Contest, additional points accrue when the robot is started by a sound similar to a fire alarm. The actual whistle is specified as a particular Radio Shack piezo element, but the following circuit should be tunable across a wide range of pitches. 9design idea added 08/08/08)

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