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Sensors / Detectors: RF (Radio Frequency) Detectors

RF Detectors:   #'s - H      I - R      S - Z

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Shorty Forty Antenna -  Do you have space limitation to put a 40 meter dipole.  Try this Compact 40 meter antenna.  __ 

Simple Circuit FM Stereo Transmitter -  (ATTiNY12, ATTiNY25, ATtiny2313, AT90S2313, AT90S232, or nearly any other CMOS microntroller-Yes probably even a PIC !) This project appeared in the December, 2007 issue of infoElektronika Magazine __ Designed by Richard Cappels

Simple Circuit RF Transmitter -  This is probably the simplest radio transimtter that you will find anywhere.  it has a total of five parts and can be constructed into a very samll space __ Designed by Andy Wilson

Super wide-band RF choke -  Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

Surveillance Transmitter Detector -  This circuit can be used to "sweep" an area or room and will indicate if a surveillance device is operative.  The problem in making a suitable a detector is to get its sensitivity just right, Too much sensitivity and it will respond to radio broadcasts, too little, and nothing will be heard.   __ Designed by Andy Collison

Testing Linearity of the LTC2400 24-Bit No Latency Delta SigmaTM A/D Converter Help from the Nineteenth Century -  Design Solutions 11 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

The F.E.D. Detects digital RF signals -  The F.E.D. (Frequency Emissions Detector) will, of course, detect anyone's cell phone, so the detector really responds to just about anybody with more than two pennies to rub together.  Most phones occasionally transmit short bursts to the nearest cell tower, even when the phone isn't in use, so a typical 21st century loiterer will eventually set off the detector.  On the other hand, a deer can stare at it for an hour with no effect.  Let's face it, even most burglars emit digital signals these days.  So, in a sense, the F.  E.  D.  is a human detector.  With that in mind, consider using the output to activate a digital camera or video recorder to capture a record of the prowlers.  A recorded barking dog or, one of my favorites, a recording of police radio traffic will scare off most crooks.  Add some hidden flashing red and blue lights to the police chatter and the culprits will actually run away.   __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Touch CPO -  touch operated code practice oscillator using popular timer IC 555.  Practice Morse code in a different way__ 

Two Diode Odd-Order Multiplier -  it is often necessary to multiply the frequency of low noise oscillators without significantly degrading the phase noise beyond the theoretical 20 log (N).  Low noise frequency doublers constructed with Schottky signal diodes are readily available but higher-order multipliers often __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Two-Watt Switching Power Supply -  in this small switching power supply, a Schmitt trigger oscillator is used to drive a switching transistor that supplies current to a small inductor.  Energy is stored in the inductor while the transistor is on, and released into the load circuit when the transistor switches off.  The output voltage is dependent on the load resistance and is limited by a zener diode that stops the oscillator when the voltage reaches about 14 volts.  Higher or lower voltages can be obtained by adjusting the voltage divider that feeds the zener diode.  The efficiency is about 80% using a high Q inductor.   __ Designed by Bill Bowden

Unusual Frequency Dividers -  This paper is a collection of unusual frequency divider techniques which offer features not achieved with ordinary divider ICs  or prescalers __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Wideband RF ICs for Power Detection & Control -  DN335 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Wireless Communications with the BASIC Stamp  -  This article shows how to use the TWS-434 RF transmitter, and RWS-434 RF receiver with the BASIC  Stamp -- for a quick & simple RF communications project.   __ Designed by Reynolds Electronics

Wireless RF PWM Dual Motor Controller -  This is a very simple Wireless RF transmitter circuit that consists of the Holtek HT-12E encoder chip and AM 418MHZ-transmitter module (WZ-X01, other similar device can be used).  Using the hybrid RF xmit/receive modules make building the RF remote control a lot easy __ Contact info @ wzmicro.com

Zero-Bias Detector Yields High Sensitivity Weith Nanopower Consumption -  Magazine Design idea  February 1998__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

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RF Detectors:   #'s - H      I - R      S - Z

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