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SPICE Designs

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Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

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Sallen-Key Low-Pass Filter (Double-Pole) with SPICE simulation files -  (spice design)  __ Designed by Rick 

Sensor Bridge -  (spice design)  __ Designed by Rick 

Sensor Bridge with Current Bias -  (spice design)  __ Designed by Rick 

Simple Circuit method uses PSpice for Thevenin equivalents -  23-Apr-09 EDN Design Ideas:  A simple method lets you obtain the Thevenin voltage and resistance and the Norton equivalence with the aid of simulation Design by David Karpaty, Analog Devices Inc, Wilmington, MA

Simple Circuit Spice Model simulates laser diode -  07/16/98 EDN Design Ideas:  When you design drive circuitry for laser diodes, you must consider safety measures.  Laser diodes are delicate devices, and excessive reverse voltage or forward current can easily destroy them.  Usually, a laser-diode driver circuit comprises the laser diode and a monitor photodetector   FILE has several circuits, please scroll to find this one Design by Lukasz Sliwczynski, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland

Simplified Audio Amp Model -  (spice design)  __ Designed by Rick 

Simplify worst-case PSpice simulations with customized measurement expressions -  112/06/05 EDN Design Ideas:  Circumvent PSpice's "No embedment" provision Design by Wayne Huang and Jeff Van Auken, Picor Corp, North Smithfield, RI

Simulate digital filters with PSpice -  EDN Design Ideas:  05/14/2015    PSpice isnít just for analog!  This Design idea shows it can handle digital filter simulation too Design by Dobromir Dobrev

Simulate input-offset current for current mirrors -  24-Jun-04 EDN Design Ideas:  Simulating the output-offset current of a current mirror is straightforward.  You simply have to apply an input current, measure the output current, and calculate the difference.  This output-offset current, however, is not equal to the input-offset current, especially when the circuit is not a 1-to-1 mirror Design by Johan Bauwelinck, Gent University, Gent, Belgium

Simultaneous PCB, Silicon & Software Verification Cuts Time-to-Market, Pt.2 -  05/21/01  EDN Design Ideas:  A recent and important innovation in the in-circuit emulation field is the development of behavioral emulation methods.  These methods connect emulation and simulation acceleration engines on a high-speed bus in order to provide gains of 100 times to 10, 00 Design by Ray Turner

Single-Ended to Differential -  (spice design)  __ Designed by Rick 

Single-Ended to Single-Ended  -  (spice design)  __ Designed by Rick 

Single-Supply AC Inverting Amplifier -  Here's one challenge of today's electronics: if it's portable, it likely to be battery powered, and your circuit must be designed to perform in a single-supply world.  The key to single-supply design is in remembering that voltage potentials are meaningful only when taken relative to other potentials.  For an op amp circuit, the bottom line is this: the signal should (spice design) __ 

SleW Rate using TANH -  (spice design)  __ Designed by Rick 

SMPS Basics-The Buck Converter -  (spice design)  __ Designed by Rick 

SMPS Power Loss -  (spice design)  __ Designed by Rick 

Speedy Spice Subcircuit Models Lossy Line -  07/21/94 EDN Design Ideas:  Fig 1 (or its equivalent, Listing 1) is a simple and efficient Spice model for a transmission line with constant resistive losses.  The model is an extension of the Spice transmission-line model (designated Txxx).  Some commercial versions of Spice offer models for lossy transmission lines.  However, these models are lumped-element models.  These models require many cells to give accurate results for relatively long delays.  Having many cells causes long calculation times Design by Patrice Tesson, Laboratoire IXL, Bordeaux, France

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