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Last Updated on: Friday, October 17, 2014 06:58 AM

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12 Volt Strobe Circuit -  this circuit uses12V DC instead od mains AC.  This is very good idea if you don't want to mess with direct mains voltage connected circuit or you want to run  stroboscope from batteries. (added 4/02)
3 Xenon flashing circuits found in flash for disposable cameras -  You are going to like this project. It costs less than $3.00, contains six BUILDING BLOCKS, re-cycles a disposable flash camera and you are going to learn a lot about electronics.
Everyone has seen a disposable flash camera….(electronic schematic / circuit added 05/07)
Adjustable Strobe Light -  This Adjustable Strobe Light is the bigger brother of the plain old strobe light.  This one uses a much more powerful "horse shoe" Xenon tube which produces more light. You can also control the flash rate up to about 20Hz. Do not look directly at the flash tube when this thing is on!….....
Beat Tracking Strobe -  Strobe lights have always been an integral part of dance parties, adding an additional element of excitement to the festivities on hand.  The combination of flashing lights.... [By: Chris Chan and Kenneth Liu]
CD strobe scope -  This is a strobe scope. The disc is rotating but it looks still.  (added 10/05)
Circuit forms fast, portable light pulser -  16-Oct-03 Issue of EDN  The absence of a fast one-shot multivibrator in the entire TTL family, as well as the low-voltage swing and unwieldy supply requirements of ECL, drove us to exploit the fast transition times and low propagation delays of F-series gates. The application called for the implementation of a compact, portable, fast light pulser for field testing fast photomultipliers in gamma-ray astronomy work.... [Design Idea by SK Kaul and IK Kaul, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai, India]

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Constant Brightness LED Stroboscope: for Measuring the Speed of Small Motors  -  For measuring the speed of small motors.  The rotary switch is available for $5.00USD as of 2003 from DigiKey under part number EG1951-ND or EG1952-ND. It is a real pain to operate this circuit without a proper switch. You can put multiple 4017 ring counters in series to reduce the duty cycle in order to obtain a more focussed strobe image but you will have to increase L or by using a regulator to power.... [Circuit by Stepan Novotill]
Disco Lights -  software and hardware for controlling disco lights from your PC (added 5/02)
Disco style Strobe Light -  The stoboscope tube needs about 250-400V DC to operate.  This high voltage is generated using simple voltage step up circuit built from transistors Q1,Q2 and transformer T1.  This circuit gives out about 230V AC voltage which is then rectified with rectifying bridge U1 (must have at least 400V voltage rating) and stored to the main capacitor C1 [Circuit by Tomi Engdahl]
Emergency Strobe Flasher Generates 250V -  08/05/99 EDN-Design Ideas....Figure 1 shows a complete circuit for an emergency lamp that operates from a 12V automotive battery. The xenon flash tube requires a 250V-dc anode voltage and a 4-kV trigger pulse. To generate the 250V dc, IC1,  [Design Idea by Jose Luis Arce, Tecnosuma Havana, Cuba]
Flash Slave Trigger (Aaron Cake) -  Flash slaves are used when you need to supplement1-flash unit with1-or several more.  This slave trigger simply triggers those other units. It does this by "seeing" the first flash (using a phototransistor) and triggering the other flashes a few microseconds later. The sensitivity of the circuit is adjustable to compensate for ambient light or dimmer than usual master flashes. (added 5/02)
Flashing Beacon -  ....
Hacking the Kodak Max Single Flash Camera into a Self Repeating Strobe -  this approach is recommended mainly for homebrewing a strobe that is powered by a single1.5 volt battery. If you can use a higher supply voltage, there are better ways to do this. (added 8/03)
Hacking the Kodak Max Single Use Flash Camera into a Self-Repeating Strobe -  NOTE - this approach is recommended mainly for homebrewing a strobe that is powered by a single 1.5 volt battery. If you can use a higher supply voltage, there are better ways to do this…. [Written by Don Klipstein]

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