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Volt Meters Circuits, Page 1
Volt Meters:  #-D;     E-L;     M-Z
Last Updated on: Wednesday, June 02, 2021 05:07 AM

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20 Segment Expanded Scale Voltmeter including a PCB design -  This is an Expanded Scale Voltmeter based on the National LM3914 chip. It is a 0. 25 volt range between each LED. . . .  [G.L. Chemelec, designer]


3 Digits Digital Volt Meter with PIC16F676 -  This is simple 3-digits digital volt meter. PIC16F676 used to read analog signal (voltage) and display the value on 3-digits 7-segment. You can apply similar principles to measure DC current with parallel R shunt. . . .  [Oops. Designer's name is not given here]


3-Digit DVM Voltmeter -  Uses 3161, CA3162 ICs. . . . 

3-Digit Volt/ Amper Meter -  Even if the digital multimeters have dominated in a lot of applications, in the measurement, exist the need for existence of instruments of clue in various appliances, voltage and current, as in power supply or elsewhere. The circuits that give make this precisely the work, measure the voltage in terminal a circuit and the current that passes in his. The circuit does not present particular difficulties for somebody that has a small experience. The two circuits are the himself, with a small difference only in their input, when they have they measure voltage or current and in connection that concern decimal point. . . . 

8 LEDs Make A 100-Division Voltmeter -  09/22/11  EDN Design Idea   Use a counter IC to drive two sets of four LEDs. The circuit in this Design Idea makes a voltmeter that reads to 0. 99V. The idea uses a counter IC to drive two sets of four LEDs (Figure 1). Each of these two sets represents a BCD (binary-coded-decimal) value. With all of the LEDs off, the voltmeter reads 0V. With all of the LEDs on, the reading is 0. 99V. Op amp IC1A generates a predictable voltage ramp. . . .  [by Raju Baddi, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune University, Maharashtra, India]


AN557: Four Channel Digital Voltmeter with Display & Keyboard -  Application Note Published 27-May-05. . .  [Microchip]


Analog Milliamp Meter Used as Voltmeter -  A milliamp meter can be used as a volt meter by adding a series resistance. The resistance needed is the full scale voltage reading divided by the full scale current of the meter movement. So, if you have a 1 milliamp meter and you want to read 0-10 volts you will need a total resistance of 10/. 001 = 10K ohms. The meter movement itself will have a small resistance. . .  [Bill Bowden, designer]


AVR Digital Voltmeter -  We build a simple and inexpensive three digit display. It's a voltmeter module but it has also general purpose digital IO pins. You could use it as well to read a digital sensor and display the value. It can be freely programmed, calibrated and even be programmed with a non linear formula. It's a display where you can define the relation between the measured value and the displayed number. . . .  [Designed by Guido Socher]


Digital LED Voltmeter -  Measures voltages up to 199. 9V with 0. 1V resolution. . . . 


Digital Mains Voltage Indicator -  Continuous monitoring of the mains voltage is required in many ap- plications such as manual voltage stabilisers and motor pumps. An analogue voltmeter, though cheap, has many disadvantages as it has moving parts and is sensitive to vibrations. The. . . 


Digital Volt and Amp Meter with Temperature Control -  This project was designed and constructed as enhancement to the 0-30V Stabilized Power Supply Project with the DIY electronics hobbyist in mind. The circuit uses a single PIC Microchip to perform the Voltage, Current and Temperature conversions and display functions. The PCB Board uses large . . .  [designed by RSABear (C) 2008]


Digital voltmeter -  Schematic only, no circuit description. . .  [Designer's name not given]


Digital Voltmeter -  The ICL7107 is a 3 1/2 digit LED A/D convertor. It contains an internal voltage reference, high isolation analog switches, sequential control logic, and the display drivers. The auto-zero adjust ensures zero reading for 0 volts input. . . . [IQ Technologies @ copy right 2008]


Digital voltmeter (DVM) -  . . . 


Digital Voltmeter with LED Display -  This is an easy to build, but nevertheless very accurate and useful digital voltmeter. It has been designed as a panel meter and can be used in DC power supplies or anywhere else it is necessary to have an accurate indication of the voltage present. The circuit employs the ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter) I. C. CL7107 made by INTERSIL. . .  [Copyright of this circuit belongs to smart kit electronics]

Volt Meters Circuits
Volt Meters:  #-D;     E-L;     M-Z

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