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Pirated Audio Books
I love audio books.  I often listen to a book when I take my walks and when I have long soldering sessions.  I usually buy my CD books on eBay and convert them to MP3 for my portable players. Sometimes I buy books already in the MP3 format.  This save me a lot of time since all I have to do is copy the files from the CD to my MP3 player. 

Lately, I have seen a rash of books which are sold as new but are in fact pirated copies.  They come in convincing shrink wrap covers and original looking boxes with color title covers.  But, inside is a cheap CD with a paper label. 

Below are examples of a “real” &"fake" MP3 CD from Brilliance audio.  One seller told me that they have been buying their books from a Chinese supplier.  This all makes sense now.  The Chinese supplier bought original books, and then making 100s of pirated copies.  I am sure the Chinese supply is gloated over his scam.   Buyers like me, have no idea that the “new” books listed are actually fakes until one see the actual CD.  eBay does not do a good job in policing their audio book sales.  They seem to rely on feedback from buyers like me who complain.  We have got to stop the robbing of our intellectual property. 

Real MP3 Audio Book CD
   Fake MP3 Audio Book CD
Note the black ink printed directly onto the "Real" CD.  Also note the track surface of the original CD.  By contrast, on the photo of the CD from a pirated book, the label is just a standard printed paper label available from any office supply store.   Also note the CD data surface of the "Fake" one has the tell-tale blue tracks.  Clearly, this CD was just a cheap data CD with a paper label. 

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