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What the World Needs Now --
Space Helmet for Yard Work

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This request came from a guy in Arizona.  He has allergies and hates to work out doors. He wanted some kind of suit he could put on when he had to do yard work. Pulling weeds, mowing the lawn and many outside chores in the summer can be taxing on the human body.  When the air temperature is 100 degrees it can even be dangerous.  What he wanted was a system which could be worn over the head, perhaps like a space helmet, which would keep the whole head cooler.  A battery powered, perhaps even solar powered, system would draw in air from the back of the body.  The system would filter and cool the air before pushing it back up into the helmet.  With a cool head, much more work could be done in more comfort and safety and the cleaner air would help with any allergies.

Maybe the helmet would also have a pull down sun shield, similar to space helmets.  A more complex system might even route cool water through a fabric suit, keeping the whole body cool.


Issue 2 -2011     February

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