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Bad Magic Mesh Screen
I saw this product advertised on TV a while back and thought I would give it a try for my shop.  I have to leave the shop steel door open to maintain an RF connection to the house through the cordless phone system.  This leaves the door open to bugs of every description.  We thought this Magic Mesh thing might be a good solution.  Well, it does not work for me.
Magic Mesh Over Shop Door

If the magnets were about 10 times more powerful, I think it would work.  But, with the slightest breeze, the thing snaps open and then sways in the wind.  It is useless for my application.   I might try my luck in cracking open the 18 plastic magnet housings and see if I can insert a better magnet inside.

I have a feeling that this is yet another example of how an otherwise good product is made useless by inferior Chinese components.  Just how much more would it cost to use better magnets?  In its current state it will just not work.

Magic Mesh Magnet Assembly  1.5 x 0.25 Ceramic Magnet Inside Possible Replacement Magnet

Magic Mesh Pops Open With Slight Breeze

November 2011

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