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Audio Circuits:  Power Amplifiers  Page 3
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Last Updated on: Friday, October 03, 2014 10:36 AM

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A SCMS killer circuit -  This circuit was invented by Dr. Horst Ludwig from Germany and published in 1992 in "Stereoplay", a German Hifi magazine. It's an additional board that should work with all DAT decks that have a Sony CXD2601 signal processor IC inside (many Sony DAT-decks and  Pioneer D500)....  (Circuit design added 10/06)
Active Hi-fi speakers -  A pair of large three-way speakers with built-in active cross-over and expanded class-A amplifiers, exhibiting very high sound quality, while being neither hard to build, nor expensive. Schematic diagram, printed circuit board layout, and several photos are included. [Manfred Mornhinweg]
Active Subwoofer & Controller -  (electronic Circuit diagram added 03/03/03)
Add simple disable function to a panoramic potentiometer circuit -  15-Feb-07 Issue of EDN  Improved control circuit places monaural image in a stereo field.... [Design Idea by Lawrence Mayes, Malvern, United Kingdom; Edited by Brad Thompson and Fran Granville]
Altec 1566A:Vacuum Tube Preamp & Direct Box Project -  There are all sorts of tube circuits, some of which actually deliver The Sound people associate with Vacuum Tubes.  Did you know, for example, that asymmetrical distortion generates even-order harmonics while symmetrical distortion produces odd-order harmonics?  Neither vacuum tubes nor transistors are exclusively responsible for either type of distortion, itís really about Circuit design. (added 4/02)
Amplifier -  This is the low frequency power amplifier of which the penumbra article can be composed without using it hardly. The about 660-mW output can be gotten with the 16-ohm speaker. This circuit is used for the simple monitor and so on....(electronic circuit added 7/03)
AN-211: The Alexander Current-Feedback Audio Power Amplifier -  AN-211 Analog Devices Application Notes  (app note added 6/06)
AN-69: LM380 Power Audio Amplifier -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note added 2/06)
AN-79: IC PreAmplifier Challenges Choppers on Drift -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note added 6/06)
AN794: Power Considerations for the TC4864 Audio Power Amplifier -  Microchip Application Note Published 18-Jul-01  (app note added 2/06)

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Audio Power Amplifiers:   #      A-G        H-O         P-R        S-Z

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