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Audio Circuits:  Power Amplifiers
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Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

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3 Line Inputs, 6 Input Mixer 3 Mic inputs -  The mixer circuit below has 3 line inputs and 3 mic inputs.  The mic inputs are suitable for low impedance 200-1000R dynamic microphones.  An ECM or condenser mic can also be used, but must have bias applied via a series resistor.  As with any mixer circuit, a slight loss is always introduced.  The final summing amplifier has a gain of 2 or 6dB to overcome this.  The Input line level should be around 200mV RMS   (__ Designed by Andy Collison


3 Transistor Audio Amp 50 Milliwatt -  Here is a little audio Amplifier similar to what you might find in a small transistor radio __ Designed by Bill Bowden

30 Watt PA For 80 Metres -  Q1 and Q2 are IRF521 MOSFETs.  The input transformer is 6 turns trifilar wound on a pair of stacked Ferrite cores.  The output transformer primary is 1 turn, centre tapped, of brass tubing.  I used a section of telescopic aerial from a portable radio.  Perhaps I got a bit carried away, but I removed the chrome plating in an effort to reduce RF losses due to skin effect.  The output transformer secondary is 3 turns of insulated wire.  The transformer core is made from 6 Ferrite toroids, 3 on each brass tube.  The end plates are made from single sided PCB __   1998-2020 Nizhny Novgorod

30 Watt Power Amplifier -  This is an unusual circuit for an ultra-low distortion power amp.  According to my original notes the circuit is dated January 1977 so the circuit is not exactly modern but it is still sufficiently different to be interesting.  The circuit was designed and sold as a card by a purveyor of surplus components but, even using mostly manufacturer's rejected transistors, we managed to get about 0.02% total harmonic distortion at 30 watts with a 25v power supply into 8 ohms.  : no bad figure even in these days of MOSFET and ICs.  In 1977 anything below 0.1% was considered excellent.  And this figure was pretty repeatable without doing much selection. __ Designed by Richard Torrens

300 Watt Subwoofer Power Amplifier -  There are some important updates to this project, as shown below.  Recent testing has shown that with the new ON Semi transistors it is possible to obtain a lot more power than previously.  The original design was very conservative, and was initially intended to use 2SA1492 and 2SC3856 transistors   (rated at 130W)with 200W   (or 230W) devices, some of the original comments and warnings have been amended to suit. __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

35W Power Amplifier with STK082 -  Here the great 35W power amplifier with single IC STK082 from Sanyo Semiconductor.  Simple circuit with high power output

360W RMS into 8 ohms or 550W RMS into 4 ohm audio power Amplifier -  I propose here a more powerful version of the 200 Wrms 8 ohms AB class power amplifier project.  It shares the same concept that the less poweful model : assembled using common compoments   (not very expensive), based on traditional diagrams : a symmetrical differential input stage, a cascode stage driver and a MOSFET output stage. __ Designed by Edwin Paij

4-Watt AF Amplifer -  I have recently included a page about AF amplifers for use with Homebrew rigs.  In this I mentioned that I may include a practical one-watt circuit, complete with PCB foil and layout.  Here it is, but I have taken the liberty of engineering it to provide 4-watts of AF output and with a frequency response almost suitable for Hi-Fi applications __ Designed by Harry Lythall-SM0VPO

50W Amplifier -  This is a handy, easy to build general purpose 50 watt amp.  The amp has an input for a radio, TV, stereo or other line level device.  It also has a phono input for a record player, guitar, microphone. __ Designed by Aaron Cake

50W Audio Power Amplifier -  This simple audio power amplifier was originally designed for a circuit board workshop, conducted by the OSU IEEE Student Group.  At the workshop, 20 participants each constructed this amplifier. __ Designed by Paul Stoffregen-Designed Winter 1995 for the OSU IEEE Student Group Circuit Board Workshop

50W Power Amplifier with STK-1050 -  This is a high output power amplifier based on power amplifier IC STK-1050. 

60 Watt into 8 Ohms Power Amplifier -  A simple amp to build, uses commonly available parts and is stable and reliable __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

60W Bass Amplifier -  Low-cut and Bass controls; Output power: 40W into 8 Ohm and 60W into 4 Ohm loads __ Contact: Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

60W Class-A Power Amp -  This circuit is on last page.    There is one amplifier configuration that is universally accepted as the ideal for audio use: Class A operation.  Many early amplifiers operated in Class A, but. 

60W Guitar Amplifier -  This design adopts a well established circuit topology for the power amplifier, using a single-rail supply of about 60V and capacitor-coupling for the speaker  (s).  The advantages for a guitar amplifier are the very simple circuitry, even for comparatively high power outputs, and a certain built-in degree of loudspeaker protection, due to capacitor C8, preventing the voltage supply to be conveyed into loudspeakers in case of output transistors' failure __ Contact: Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

60W MOSFET Amplifier -  To celebrate the hundredth design posted to this website, and to fulfil the requests of many correspondents wanting an amplifier more powerful than the 25W MOSFET, a 60, 90W High Quality power amplifier design is presented here.  Circuit topology __ Contact: Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

65W HEXFET Power Amplifier  -  A medium power amplifier that is characterized by a lot of good sound quality, but simultaneously is very simple in the construction.  Him uses, enough time in my active loudspeakers.  In his output stage exist the very good FET transistors, technology HEXFET,

6V ultra-bright LED chaser using 74HC4017 -  This is a spectacular but completely useless project.  It lights Ultra-Bright LEDs in a sequence and each LED flashes brightly very briefly.  The LEDs light-up going around and around since they are mounted in a circle   (on a CD) , then they pause __ Designed by Audioguru

6W Amplifier using TA7222AP -  Here is the circuit diagram of a 6W amplifier using the TA7222AP from Toshiba.  TA7222AP is an excellent integrated audio amplifier which can deliver 5.8W to a 4 Ohms load at 12V supply voltage.  The IC has very good features like, muting function, low distortion, high ripple rejection, short circuit protection, thermal shut down etc.  This amplifier can be operated from 8 to 12V and this makes it ideal for car radio applications

6W Mono car Amplifier using BA521 or BA532 Amplifier Module -  Schematic only, no circuit description __ Designed by Petr Prause

8 Watt Amplifier -  an eight watt amplifier based on the LM383 power audio amplifier ic.  it's advised that you use this IC with a suitable heatsink. __  Designed by Andy Wilson

8 watt Audio Amp -  Here is the schematic for an 8 watt audio amp.  This amp can be used as a simple booster, the heart of a more complicated amplifier or used as a guitar amp. __ Designed by Aaron Cake

845 20W A1 class Monotriode Amplifier -  This project is finalized, that means it is no longer experimental.  This amplifier, altough limited in output power   (20W) , has been designed to give the best listening pleasure.  No compromise has been made during components choice: the 845 output triode is one of the best tube available today in that range of power for single-ended applications, the driver stage uses a 300B, a long revered audio tube   (note that you must use a WE 300B or a Sovtek 300B).  This technical choice has been made in some commercial   (like Marantz T1) or amateur __ Designed by puechmor @ mygale.org

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Audio Power Amplifiers:   #'s - A       B - E      F - L      M - R      S - Z

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