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Direction Finder Circuits
Direction Finders:  #G      HZ


Last Updated: December 31, 2017 06:48 AM

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Handheld GPS Glareshield (or Dashboard) Mount with Power Supply -  My first two GPSes were both Garmin eTrex models.  One was the original yellow eTrex, and the second was the eTrex Legend which has more memory, and most importantly, mapping capability.  Neither of these is an aviation GPS, but both can be useful in the VFR cockpit __ Designed by Stefan Vorketter

Homemade GPS jammer using a MC145151 frequency synthesizer -  The GPS band pass filter is a 2-pole Toko 4DFA-1575B-12 ceramic dielectric filter from Digi-Key[4], part number TKS2609CT-ND.  This part is optional, but helps clean up the RF spectrum before further amplification.  The filter’s insertion loss is around 2 dB.___ NaviGadget

How to Construct Garmin GPS Receiver Interface Cables -  Application Note __

Inertial-navigation system uses silicon sensors -  16-Sep-04 EDN-Design Ideas A strap-down inertial-navigation system uses silicon sensors to measure displacement without entailing the bulk and expense of moving parts or GPS receivers.  For example, a three-axis accelerometer and three angular-rate sensors can determine the position and velocity of a vehicle such as a robot or radio-controlled aircraft__ Circuit Design by Tom Niemi, Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA

Low-Power IC Packs GPS Receivers 7/31/01 -  App Note  Doc #953___ California Eastern Laboratories

Mobile APRS / GPS tracking systE - M -  APRS stands for Automatic Position Reporting System and now is taken to refer to a protocol that uses a subset of AX25 packet radio to provide a range of facilities not available to amateur radio before.  The cornerstone of APRS is that the packets are sent using the BEACON text formatand do not require 'connects' to occur first.  This way information can be widely distributed based on both conditions and other stations in the network.  Packets are passed using level-2 digipeating which works most efficiently when full handshaking is not needed. __ Designed by John VK3HJQ

Mobile APRS/ GPS Tracking SystE - M -  schematic in on page 7 __

Monitor Output from Motorola Oncore GPS Engine in Hp Z3801a in GPS Disciplined Oscillator -  This project was designed to allow monitoring of the Motorola Oncore VP receiver that is used in the HP Z3801A GPS Disciplined Oscillator.  I.   __ Designed by Brian Kirby

Multi-Function GPS Car Computer, Part 1 -  This project was inspired by requests from a number of readers.  Essentially they said that the GPS module was great for obtaining a precise time but could we produce a project that used its full capabilities for use in a vehicle?___ SiliconChip

PC-Based GPS Receiver -  Today, there are many gadgets available with GPS technology.  GPS stands for ‘global positioning system.’ It provides the data corresponding to the position of the GPS receiver itself on international-standard latitude-longitude...___ Electronics Projects for You

Phase Shift Radio Direction Finder -  Similar to the system used in modern aviation where an antenna array modulates the phase of an incoming signal.  The commercial system is known as Commutated Aerial Direction Finding (CADF) where a ring of 18 identical antennas are each switched on in sequence, just like winding a rotary switch round and round so that one antenna is always connected to the receiver.   __ Designed by Harry Lythall-SM0VPO

Realtime GPS+GPRS Tracking of Vehicles using Arduino -  Avoid car thef is impossible but now find your stolen car will be easier!   You just need to install your Arduino with the GPRS+GPS Quadband Module (SIM908) in a hidden place in your car, maybe in your trunk, in the glove compartment or under your spare tyre.  Then connect the GPRS-GSM and the GPS antenna and a SIM card, all of this powered with a battery and you are ready! __ Designed by © Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas S.L

TD-CMP Compass,Tilt/Roll & Temperature Modules -  TD-CMP01 (Compass only), TD-CMP02 (Compass and Tilt/Roll) and TD-CMP03 (Compass, Tilt/Roll and Temperature)   These are small modules with a Compass, Tilt/Roll (2-axis Acceleration) and Temperature sensors.  Interfaces are USB, RS232 and I˛C.  Direct LCD readout optional. __ Designed by Michel Bavin

TD-CMP04 Compass v2 -  Small electronic compass.  Dimensions: 45x36x15mm.  Suited for robotics and other various applications.  Low current LED indicator (stays lit when heading North) for power saving.  Accuracy 1...2° @ 7Hz measurement.  Easy calibration.  Serial RS232 readout possible.  One multifunction push button for power on and calibration. __ Designed by Michel Bavin

Three Power Supplies for the Garmin GPS-20 Sensor Board -  Since the GPS-20 is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product it does not come ready to use out of the box.  There is no display, only a 12-pin JST connector that provides two RS-232 compatible serial ports, a One-Pulse-Per-Second (1PPS) output, and power.  There is also a MCX style connector for the antenna connection __ Designed by Steve Bible

U-Blox GPS receiver Board -  Schematic Only __

Ultra Low Noise Precision High Speed Op Amps -  LT1028___ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Wristband Based GPS Navigation SystE - M -  The GPS and the sensor technologies have been evolved over the past decade in the global market of transport and navigation.  These technologies lead the world for more safety of people...___ Electronics Projects for You

Direction Finders:  #G      HZ

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