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Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics and designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

# Guessing Game  -  This number guessing game is quite simple.  In this game the player thinks of any number between 1 and 99.  Then he scans the eight groups of numbers given in the__ Electronics Projects for You

‘Space Invaders ‘ Hand Video Game  -  A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video monitor.  Electronic video games first appeared in the 1950s.__ Electronics Projects for You


2-wire Game Show Time  -  Several Game Show timers included, scroll to find this one.  The game show timer determines which contestant presses their button first by lighting a lamp and ringing a bell and the slower  contestants are locked out.  The circuit is convenient in that only two wires are needed to interconnect the stations and the wires may all go back to the base unit or they may be "daisy-chained" between stations.  There is no electronic limit on the number of stations.  The circuit uses a 24 volt power source and 12 volt lamps when built as shown but the experienced experimenter may scale these voltages along with the zener voltages if desired.  If the SCR triggers when the power is applied or when the reset button is pressed, add a 0.1uF capacitor from anode to cathode. (A sudden increase in voltage across some SCRs can trigger them, especially if the gate impedance is high.)  __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

36 LED Chaser  -  example of multiplexed display to produce a chaser - LEDs were mounted in a circle __ Contact P. Townshend - EduTek Ltd

3-up Decision maker  -  This electronic device will help you make important decisions (or not).  While it is deciding the solution to your problem it will convince you how difficult it really is by a painful growling noise - or maybe this is normal when you have to think! __ CdS Electronic

3V LED Chaser  -  There are many 9V chaser circuits that seem to waste about 7V when driving LEDs that are only about 2V.  This project is unique, because it uses only two inexpensive alkaline battery cells totaling 3V for power.  Since most of the waste is eliminated, the cells last a long time.  Unlike the other circuits, this one flashes the LEDs for only about 30ms each, further extending the battery life.  For user convenience, it has a stepper speed control and a brightness control.  At slower speeds and with reduced brightness,  __ Contact IQ Technologies

4 Way Spinner  -  A 4 light bulb spinner that slows and stops on a random bulb.  PCB included in pdf __ Contact P. Townshend - EduTek Ltd

555 timer LED dice  -  This project has two advantages over previous dice circuits.  It produces a realistic readout as well as a 'slow-down' feature.  These combine to make it one of our most popular games projects.  As can been seen in the photo, the 7 LEDs are positioned on the board in the same positions as the spots on a dice (die).  When these are activated, they simulate the rolling of a real dice as it rolls across the table.   __ Contact Collin Mitchell

6V ultra-bright LED chaser using 74HC4017  -  This is a spectacular but completely useless project.  It lights Ultra-Bright LEDs in a sequence and each LED flashes brightly very briefly.  The LEDs light-up going around and around since they are mounted in a circle (on a CD) , then they pause __ Designed by Audioguru

A CharliePlexed RGB LED Dice  -  The project uses 7 RGB LEDs arranged in the form of dice.  Each RGB LED has three separate LEDs inside so that makes a total of 21 LEDs and they have been controlled by 4 i/O pins of ATTiny13V Microcontroller.  But according to the theory of__ 

A PC Games Port Tester  -  So your joystick dosen't work? is it the games port, a software problem or the joystick itself? This simple device will tell you if the games port is OK.__ SiliconChip

Adapter to use Mega Drive / Genesis Controllers with a Vectrex Video Game Console  -  The Vectrex itself uses a very simple controller circuit, which can bee seen in this schematic from the Vectrex service manual __ Designed by Kevin Koster

Adding Second Joystick to PC Joystick Interface  -  PC joystick interface was designed to support two joysticks, but unfortunately it has only one connector.  The second joystick can be added when you get a special Y-cable, which has connectors for two joysticks.  Those cables can be bought ready-made.   __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

Another Game Show Timer  -  Several Game Show timers included, scroll to find this one.  Here is a somewhat more complex version that uses easily found bipolar transistors.  Note that it requires only two wires between stations and base and those wires can be connected anywhere on the "buss". (You can wire each station back to the base unit or "daisy chain" the stations from one to the next with only one set of wires going back to the base unit.)  __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Archery Timer  -  in FiTA-style archery tournaments there are rules to the timing of the event.  From the 2000 FiTA rulebook here are the rules that the timer must serve __ Designed by A. Ron Carmichael

Atari Punk Console Schematics  -  The so called “AtarI Punk Console” device is a great start for builders interested in working with components and circuitry to produce Bleepy-Bloopy-Gitchy goodness.  Using a 556 dual timer IC and a handful of other components one can be built quickly.  The basis for this noise maker was a schematic originally published by Forest Mims iii, which now can be found around the web and posted above for easy reference.  __ 

Ball Speed Checker  -  This circuit measures the speed of a cricket ball based on the time taken by the ball to travel the distance from the bowling crease to the batting crease.  As shown in__ Electronics Projects for You

Battery Meter for Pinball Machines  -  Well here it is as promised - a battery tester for giving visual indication of the battery pack in your pinball machine.  Luckily I had a spare day forced on me by car trouble so I'vemanaged to design and test the circuitry earlier than planned (fixed the car too!) and I'vestill got time to write this article, and maybe, down a bottle of my favourite wine!  __ Designed by David Gersic

Birthday Heart  -  This circuit was made for my wife's birthday.  It is capable of flashing five strings of LEDs with different frequencies.  It also has a connector for an 8 Ohm loudspeaker and two connectors for the small PCB's that are contained in musical greeting cards.  In this way the circuit will play alternatingly two room filling tunes at regular time intervals.  After a w __ Designed by Michel Van den Bergh On Electronics

Build a LED Dice  -  A PIC  microcontroller makes the circuit really simple.  We tell you how it was designed and show you how to build it.__ SiliconChip

Build your own Joysticks & Controllers  -  Building your own normal PC joystick is not economically wise, but if you can't find a joystick you would like to have, then you have te consider doing it yourself.  The connections inside PC joystick are quite simple to do, the harder part is the mechanics.  Buttons are quite easy to mout to the case you use when you select suitable buttons, but the problematic __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

Build Your Own Marshmallow Cannon  -  Marshmallows, not just for rice crispy treats anymore. __ Contact Jameco Electronics

Burger Time Arcade Game  -  This is a ZiP file __ Contact jrokweb @ san.rr.com

Cat Toy with a Small Weighted Motor  -  The PIC 12F675 is small in size and low in power.  It lends itself to some really off-beat uses __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Christmas Star  -  This project started just before last Christmas when my daughters asked "why don’t we have any flashing Christmas tree lights?" So, while they were out shopping, my son and I grabbed a dozen LEDs, some ribbon cable and a microcontroller.  While my son wired up the LEDs, I wrote some simple software.  It was all installed and running when they came home after spending all my money (that’s why we didn’t have lights before) !  The smiles on their faces made it all worth while!  __ Designed by © Grantronics Pty Ltd

Circuit improves further on first-event Detector  -  06/27/02 EDN Design Ideas:  The circuits in Figure 1have certain advantages over those in a previous Design idea (Reference 1].  The first-event detector with autoreset (Figure 1a] consists of N sets of monostable multivibrators, using 4001 logic circuits with LEDs attached.  After any player (1 through N] presses a pushbutton, the corresponding monostable multivibrator switches on, and its associated LED lights Design by Vasiliy Borodai, Zaporozhje, Ukraine

Circuit improves on first-event Detection  -  08/16/01 EDN Design Ideas:  The circuits in Figure 1 and Figure 2 exhibit certain advantages over the circuit shown in the Design ideas in EDN, "Circuit detects first event, " May 3, 2001, pg 89.  The n-player first-event-detection circuit offers several improvements  it has fewer passive components.  It needs only n diodes instead of (n2+n]/2 for three orplayers Design by Lawrence Arendt, Oak Bluff, MN, Canada

Coin Tosser  -  Build your own coin toss circuit and lose the coin. __ Contact Jim Stewart, Nuts and Volts Magazine

Coin Tosser  -  The UJT transistor Q1 can be replaced with a NTE6409 or ECG6409.  At the press of S1 the oscillator starts and runs the clock on pin 14 of the CD4017 decade counter at a time determined by R1 and C1.  During that time both LEDs will flash back and forth until the oscillator stops and either the red or green LED will be lit.  The values shown are for working with 9 volts and none of the parts are critical. __ Contact Tony van Roon  VA3AVR

Combinational Conjuring Trick  -  The simple circuit of Fig.  1 emulates a similar conjuring trick which sells for hundreds of Pounds.  The trick seems to do the almost-impossible from an electronic point of view, let alone from the point of view of common sense.  It consists of a bank of three on-off switches (S19-S21) , which have three switch covers, each of a different colour.  These switch a bank of three lightbulbs __ Designed by Andy Collison

Conjuring Trick-Magic Wand  -  This simple conjuring trick is intended to provide some enjoyment for the beginner in electronics or conjuring, and should take only an hour or two to build.  The trick works as follows: a wand __ Designed by Andy Collison

Connect Others to PC Joystick Port  -  PC joystick port can be a very useful interface for simple digital input circuits, because joystick connector has +5V power output, which other standard PC interface connectors don't have.  You need to be a little bit careful with this power output, because it can give quite much current in short circuit situation (up to 20A in some cases).  This current is enough for burning small wires in your circuit or inside your PC (I have burned one flatcable coming form multi-iO card to joytick connector !)  __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

Connecting Sega 3d Glasses to a PC Serial Port  -  This documents ties to clear out one method for connecting Sega 3D glasses to PC serial port for cheap PC virtual reality.  This who do no not know what those Sega 3D glasses are, here is a description: __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

Co-Ordinator  -  A games of skill & patience.  This project combines some of the components and building blocks we have covered in the courses in this e-magazine.  It's a game of skill that tests your reaction-time and patience.  Patience, because a certain condition appears on the indicator LEDs, only every few seconds and it corresponds to them both being OFF.   __ Contact Collin Mitchell

Cuckoo-song Generator  -  This circuit generates a two-tone effect very much alike the cuckoo song.  It can be used for door-bells or other purposes thanks to a built-in audio amplifier and loudspeaker
Used as a sound effect generator it can be connected to external amplifiers, tape recorders etc.  In this case, the built-in audio amplifier and loudspeaker may be omitted and the output taken across C8 and ground.   __ Contact Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Decision maker  -  No circuit description, schematic only__ CdS Electronic

Dice with 7-Segment Display  -  A digital dice circuit can be easily realised using an astable oscillator circuit followed by a counter, display driver and a display.  Here we have used a timer NE555 as an astable__ Electronics Projects for You

Dig Dug Arcade Game (800k ZIP)  -  Schematic only, no circuit description included.   __ Contact jrokweb @ san.rr.com

Digital Dice with Numeric Display  -  The circuit described here is that of a digital dice with numeric display.  Timer IC 555 wired as an astable multivibrator produces pulses at about 48 kHz rate.  These pulses are__ Electronics Projects for You

Digital Game Show Timer  -  Several Game Show timers included, scroll to find this one.  Using only two CMOS IC packages, this game show buzzer performs well enough to be on TV!  The first contestant to press his button locks out the other two contestants.  The design is completely asynchronous and "fair".  Other logic families will also work and any appropriate power supply is fine.  For simplicity, a single-chime doorbell is used for the aural indicator.  If a buzzer is preferred, use double pole pushbuttons with the second poles connected to activate the buzzer.  Simply connecting a buzzer in place of the doorbell will work but the buzzer will sound until the reset switch is pushed.   __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Digital Dice And Double Digital Dice  -  a electronic dice with LED display that powers down after 30 seconds __ Contact P. Townshend - EduTek Ltd

DIT shutterglasses Controller  -  You are unsatisfied with the range of compatibility of your 3D glasses controller?   You have some glasses without controller (like ASUS) ?   Why not build your own for a few pennies? __ Designed by Martin Krysiak

DIY flying saucer / UFO  -  This project was inspired by one of those solar powered lawn lights.  I had taken the bottom off of one and hung it in a tree.  A neighbor commented that it resembled a small flying saucer.  Hmmmm.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

DIY shutterglasses controller  -  You are unsatisfied with the range of compatibility of your 3D glasses controller?   You have some glasses without controller (like ASUS) ?   Why not build your own for a few pennies?__ Martin Krysiak

DIY UFO  -  This project was inspired by one of those solar powered lawn lights.  I had taken the bottom off of one and hung it in a tree.  A neighbor commented that it resembled a small flying saucer.  Hmmmm.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Dr. Seuss Themed TargetGame  -  15-Aug-14 -Design News:   Colorado State University students Zachary Lund, Jake Butynski, Allison Steinauer, and Tessa Alford have created "One Shot Two Shot, Red Shot Blue Shot" -- a Dr.  Seuss themed target game where the objective is to get the most points with six shots from the gun.  Each game, a new, random, pattern __  Gadget Freak-Case #261

Dreamcast interface  -  A simple circuit to connect the Dreamcast console to PC.  No MAXxxx IC required.  Only a few discrete components.  This circuit is a direct replica of the daVincI cradle schematic.  __ 

Dreamcast PC serial adapter  -  This page describes how to build an adaptor for the Dreamcast serial port that will allow you to connect it to any computer using a standard 9-pin DSUB connector.  The main component is a MAX voltage converter, since the Dreamcast serial port uses CMOS (3.3V) voltage levels, whereas normal RS232 uses +/-12V levels.  If you are having trouble finding the MAX chip, you may want to consider ordering it directlt from MAXiM, or failing that from ELFA (stock no.73-228-45)  __ Designed by Marcus Comstedt

Dual LED dice  -  Our dual DIC ER - D6 has many applications; Play your game with  DIC ER.  A backgammon lover's dream.  Great for craps.  No more dice fixing!  Remember, casino games are for adults, only.  Use your ESP to guess the next "roll".  .  .  Use the dual LED-dice kit anywhere you’d like to draw an audience and a smile.   __ Contact Kit from Elich Industrial Development, Corp

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