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Last Updated: October 24, 2017 02:54 PM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Magic Lamp -  No, its not Aladdin's lamp with a genie inside.  This magic lamp appears to be an ordinary frosted light bulb with a rather unusual characteristic.  Whenever your finger is touched across the base threads and center contact the lamp magically lights! Without wires! It is a most effective illusion if you don't make a big production, "Hey! Check out this magic lamp!", but instead casually remove the bulb from a package of new bulbs and pretend to not notice when it lights.  When your victim gasps and grabs the bulb for further investigation just explain away the flash as some sort of static electricity effect and act indifferent. __ Contact: Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Magic Wand Conjuring Trick -  This simple conjuring trick is intended to provide some enjoyment for the beginner in electronics or conjuring, and should take only an hour or two to build.  The trick works as follows: a wand __ Designed by Andy Collison

Mappy Arcade Game -  This is a ZIP file __ Contact: jrokweb @ san.rr.com

MarshmalLow Bazooka -  This device uses a PIC12F615 to implement a capacitor discharge ignition system.  When the switch (button) is closed, the PIC sends pulses to the IRF644 MOSFET creating high voltage pulses to charge the 1.0 uf/250 volt capacitor.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

MemoSound game based on a PIC16F84A -  Microcontroller based electronic circuit __ Designed by Bruno Gavand

MICRO-DIC - E -  The Micro_Dice is a simple introduction to the PIC microcontroller.  This schematic will produce a random number on the led display in a dice pattern.  It is simple to construct.  When constructing you can select either fast roll or slow roll option.   __

Modification of Lazer Tag equipment -  I added a "fast-fire" circuit to get around the annoying delay that prevents you from firing again immediately.  It used the target LED contact on the trigger switch to reset the pulse generator.  That way, normally when you fire the sound goes on for its normal duration (we banned any mod that would turn off the sound or always __ Designed by John DuBois

Moon Cresta Arcade -  Schematic only, no circuit description included.   __ Contact: jrokweb @ san.rr.com

Mr. Do Arcade Game -  Schematic only, no circuit description included.   __ Contact: jrokweb @ san.rr.com

Multi-Throttle Control for PC Flight Sims -  Are you into PC flight simulators? Find the control your typical controllers give you just a bit less than satisfying? Take a step up: add this very simple multi-throttle controller and start flying with the big boys ...___ SiliconChip

Multi-User Jeopardy Game -  This project describes a "Fastest Finger First" system that is cheap to build, has high noise immunity, is reliable and is also extensible.  Note that whilst the schematic below may look complicated, its actually a very simple & cheap interlock based round a single 4013 dual d-type flip-flop and an output driver that is replicated for each positionin this example, 8 times.  The buzzer is also optional and can be omitted, along with all its associated components.  The few extra resistors & capacitors used for improving the noise immunity are very cheap but improve the reliability of the design greatly.  i.e.  it's a proper design rather than a hack! __ Designed by Nick de Smith

New PotatoGun for the French Fryin' Legion -  4-Jun-07 -Design News:   This project is definitely not small potatoesthree barrels loaded with spuds and charged with propane! Two PIC microcontrollers handle the User Interface, Azimuth and Elevation Aiming and Fire Control functions.  Aiming is controlled with a joystick.  The Fire Control subsystem verifies a __   Gadget Freak-Case #103

Number Guessing Game -  This number guessing game is quite simple.  In this game the player thinks of any number between 1 and 99.  Then he scans the eight groups of numbers given in the...___ Electronics Projects for You

Old idea, new twist-Magic Lamp -  You have probably seen "magic lamp" circuits in which an ordinary incandescent bulb is lit by a match.  These circuits rely on a hidden temperature or light sensor and are not particularly interesting.  I decided to make a magic lamp,  __ Contact: Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Original Two-wire Game Show Time -  Several Game Show timers included, scroll to find this one.  The game show timer determines which contestant presses their button first by lighting a lamp and ringing a bell and the slower  contestants are locked out.  The circuit is convenient in that only two wires are needed to interconnect the stations and the wires may all go back to the base unit or they may be "daisy-chained" between stations.  There is no electronic limit on the number of stations.  The circuit uses a 24 volt power source and 12 volt lamps when built as shown but the experienced experimenter may scale these voltages along with the zener voltages if desired.  If the SCR triggers when the power is applied or when the reset button is pressed, add a 0.1uF capacitor from anode to cathode.  (A sudden increase in voltage across some SCRs can trigger them, especially if the gate impedance is high.)  __ Contact: Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Oscar: Electronic Noughts & Crosses Game -  Noughts and crosses may rate quite poorly amongst young gamers of today but in the late 1960s, a machine, more often called an electronic brain than a computer, playing noughts and crosses against a human opponent, was quite a sensation.___ SiliconChip

Pacland Arcade Game -  This is a ZIP file __ Contact: jrokweb @ san.rr.com

PC Games Port Tester -  So your joystick dosen't work? Is it the games port, a software problem or the joystick itself? This simple device will tell you if the games port is OK.___ SiliconChip

PC Thermometer using PC Game Joystick Port -  A method of measuring temperature using the PC Game port.   Display is via the program dialog or in the System tray.  V2.2.5 supports timed FTP to a web server __ Designed by andrew  AT AndysWorld

Pengo Arcade Game -  Schematic only, no circuit description included.   __ Contact: jrokweb @ san.rr.com

PIC Fun & Games -  Want to get in to microcontrollers? Here's an easy, low-cost way.___ SiliconChip

PIC10F200-based electronic dice -  This page describes a PIC10F200-based electronic dice.  The reason I made this was that I got a small corner left over when ordering a panel with a couple of other PCBs and thought I would rather use the corner for something fun than leave it unused, so I made a dice.  The PCB is quite small, __ Designed by Rickard Gunee

PIC16F84A discolight effect with bass beat control -  This is an early picture of my discolight effect.  Because of the AGC circuit theres no need for potentionmeters for sensitivity adjust.  I replaced them with trimmers.  Now the microphone is on the control electronics because theres no need to place it outside the box and the possible noises from the surroundings are reduced. __ Designed by Zsolt Bitter

PIC16F84-based video game systE - M -  This page describes a PIC16F84-based video game system I made and first published back in the beginning of 1998.  Now, beginning of 2007, nine years later I've updated the layout of the PCB and also updated the source code to also be able to run on a PIC16F628A as Microchip is phasing out the 16F84 and it will soon not be able to be bought. __ Designed by Rickard Gunee

PICs in Space -  The circuit diagram is shown to the right.  You can get a larger version or a PostScript version if you prefer.  The design is based around a Microchip PIC16F628A microcontroller.  At the time of writing, this device is available for less than one pound from (among others) Crownhill Associates.  All the work, including colour video and synchronisation signal generation, is done in the microcontroller, and so there are no other active components.  Purists who contend that the LED is an active component may replace it with a light bulb. __ Designed by mail at quinapalus dot com

Pine Racecar Victory Judge -  I have received countless emails asking for a circuit to tell the user which car won in a pine car (also called Pinewood Derby, Cub Car, Scout Car, etc.) race.  This simple circuit takes care of the guesswork, lighting the appropriate LED to indicate the winner. __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Play ‘Simon’ -  The electronic game Simon comes in the form of a large, round console with four red, green, blue, and yellow illuminated buttons.  These buttons light up in a random order with longer and longer sequences, accompanied by musical notes.  The object of the game is to.  must register on this site __ Designed by Published in Elecktor July/Augu, 2010

Play with Robotic Eye (IR Sensor) -  There are various applications of IR sensors such as TV remote controllers, burglar alarms and object counters.  Here we have used IR sensors (infrared LEDs) to make an object-detection circuit and...___ Electronics Projects for You

Programmable electronic dice -  Here's a simple programmable electronic dice with numeric display.  This dice can be programmed using a 4-way DIP switch to display any random number between '1' and '2, ' '1' and '3, ' or '1' and '9.  '  __ Designed by Electronics Projects for You

Q*Bert Arcade Game -  This is a ZIP file __ Contact: jrokweb @ san.rr.com

Qix Arcade Game -  Schematic only, no circuit description included.   __ Contact: jrokweb @ san.rr.com

Quick Counter for Young Children-encourages children to count -  This circuit is a toy to encourage young children to count.  Power is turned on by switch S1, then S2 is closed.  This makes nine LEDs flash slowly.  S2 is then opened and the LEDs go out.  Pressing pushbutton PB1 turns on a random number of LEDsbrieflyduring which time they are to be counted.  The number counted can be checked by pressing PB2 which turns the same LEDs on for as long as needed.  Then repeat___ Learning Electronics

Quiz -  This project can be used for a quiz with up to 4 contestants (or teams).  Each contestant has a trigger push-switch and LED.  When a trigger switch is pressed it lights the corresponding LED, sounds the bleeper and prevents the other trigger switches from workingtherefore showing which contestant was the first to press their switch __ Designed by John Hewes

Quiz Game -  A clever design to test your knowledge about counters, state machines, displays, and how to put them together.  Not only this project is very suitable for the schools, it is also very fun!!! This reaction time meter measures your reaction time, and can be built on a breadboard.   __ Designed by Projects & Ideas from Nutchip.com

Quiz Game -  I've had a few requests for a quiz circuit, so here is a 4 input design which can easily be modified.  Maybe, I should write the App Notein the style of a game show host __ Designed by Andy Collison

Quiz Game Controller -  This PIC16F877A microcontroller-based quiz controller, designed for up to six players or teams, is suitable for school and college quiz competitions.  It is similar to a fastest-finger-first system in which the...___ Electronics Projects for You

Reaction Time Game -  A clever design to test your knowledge about counters, state machines, displays, and how to put them together.  Not only this project is very suitable for the schools, it is also very fun!!! This reaction time meter measures your reaction time, and can be built on a breadboard.   __ Designed by Projects & Ideas from Nutchip.com

Reaction Timer -  The circuit below can be used to test a person’s reaction time to a precision of ±0·01 seconds.  The time is indicated by a series of seven LEDs showing the output of a binary counter (4060).  The two D type flip-flops are in a 4013.  The led shown on the circuit diagram is the "stimulus".  Switch S1 starts the timer and illuminates the stimulus led.  Switch S2 stops the timer___ © David Hoult

Reaction Timer Game -  This is a game for two players.  Player 1 presses the START button.  This resets the 4026 counter chip and starts the 555 oscillator.  The 555 produces 10 pulses per second and these are counted by the 4026 chip and displayed on the 7-Segment display.  __ 555-Timer

Reflex Action Game -  This is a very interesting and simple circuit.  This also can be used in quiz events, where two participants hit their button to answer.  The participant, who pressed his button first, will get a chance to answer first.  This circuit will resolve which participant hit the button first, by glowing the lamps associated with the button. __ ` Sigmatone

Roulette -  This circuit creates a rotating LED that starts very fast when a finger touches the TOUCH WIRES.  When the finger is removed, the rotation slows down and finally stops.  __ 555-Timer

Roulette Wheel V2 -  a light sequencer with a few extra features __ Contact: P. Townshend EduTek Ltd

Roulette Wheel  a 4000 SeriesC-Mos Design. -  Has numbers 1 to 36 plus the 0 and 00, with totally random odds.   __ Designed by G.L. Chemelec

Games:  #'s - D        E - F       G - L        M - R       S - Z


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