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Infrared Circuits
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Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :

TV /VCR Remote Range Extender CircuitI often get frustrated by how poor some infrared remotes in many new electronic devices operate.  I used to be able to turn on the TV from 30 feet away.  Now, it seems that I have to get within 15 feet.  To address this issue, I designed the circuit shown below.  The circuit taps into the TV remoteís existing infrared LED and drives 8 more efficient devices.  The result is a communications range some 4 to 5 times longer.. . . Circuit by David Johnson P.E.-October, 2005

TV-VCR Light Source 40Khz RepeaterThis circuit is designed to be placed directly in front of a standard TV or VCR remote.  The exiting light pulses produced by the circuit match the pulses from the remote but are about 10 times more powerful . . . Hobby Circuit designed by Dave Johnson P.E.-June, 2000

Use Color Film Negative to Make an Optical FilterThis isnít an electronic circuit but the file shows the curve for an optical filter made from exposed color film.  The material blocks most visible light but is very transparent to 880nM infrared light.  Kodak 100ASA is exposed to "cool white" fluorescent light for about 5 seconds . . . Hobby Circuit designed by Dave Johnson P.E.-January, 1998

Voltage to Frequency Converter + 1us LED Pulse DriverThis circuit receives the signal from the above amplifier and launches powerful 1uS infrared light pulses from a low cost LED that are frequency modulated by the audio information.  The 10KHz center frequency of the pulse stream is low enough so a standard. . . Circuit by David A. Johnson P.E.-March, 1999

Wireless Microphone -  Circuit & notes only, no circuit description given.   __ Designed by Tony van Roon  VA3AVR

Wireless Microphone FM Transmitter -  This Wireless Microphone FM Transmitter has been a very popular project with beginners and experienced constructors alike.  It has been used inside guitars and as the basis of a remote control system.  I do however, receive many requests for a higher powered circuit and better microphone sensitivity.  Now I can introduce the new FM Wireless Microphone, which also has a better frequency stability, over 1Km range  (under ideal conditions) and is good on microphone sensitivity.  This has been achieved by adding an RF amplifier buffer  (with 10dB gain) and an AF preamplifier to boost the modulation a little.

wireless microphone transmitter -  Schematic only __ Designed by Peter Jakab

Wireless Monitoring SystE - M -  A compact monitoring station controls up to 20 tiny transmitters placed inside mousetrapsor anything you need to keep under observation!  __ Designed by Alberto Ricci Bitti

Wireless PA for Classrooms -  In large classrooms, many a times the teacherís voice is not audible to students in the back rows.  So the teacher have to literally shout to be heard by every student....__ Electronics Projects for You

Wireless Phono Oscillator -  A "phono oscillator" is a simple, short-range AM band transmitter that was typically used to send the signal from a phonograph to a nearby radio, eliminating the need for an amplifier and speaker.  This version uses only one transistor and __ Contact: Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Wireless Power Transfer In 3d Space  -  The main objective of this project is to develop a system of wireless power transfer in 3D space.  The air core transformer operating near 40 KHz is the main concept for wireless power transfer, as one cannot transfer 50 Hz ac power by air core. The secondary coil in resonance develops a voltage of 40 KHz at about 12 volts when it is taken over the primary coil.  The output of this secondary is given to a 10-watt lamp that glows at considerable distance from the primary coil __ Electronics For You

Wireless Radio Data Link -  This is a description of a very simple unit designed and constructed for use as a wireless data connection between two nearby computers.  The error rate is excellent over short runs, and the transmission speed means that a useful PPP link can be established between the machines.  Which are, of course, running Linux

Wireless Remote Control for Raymarine ST4000 Autopilot -  uses raytheon's seatalkģcommunications protocol.  (16f628)  __ Designed by Jon Fick

Wireless Remote Controller Receiver -  Schematic Only __ Designed by Jon Fick

Wireless Remote Controller Transmitter -  Schematic Only __ Designed by Jon Fick

Wireless RF PWM Dual Motor Controller -  This is a very simple Wireless RF transmitter circuit that consists of the Holtek HT-12E encoder chip and AM 418MHZ-transmitter module  (WZ-X01, other similar device can be used) .  Using the hybrid RF xmit/receive modules make building the RF remote control a lot easy __ Contact: info @ wzmicro.com

Wireless Telephone Eavesdropper Electronic -  The IR transmitter connects to a telephone circuit, and transmits both sides of all telephone conversations to any line-of-sight location, within 40 feet.  No power is taken from the central office, as long as all phones remain on-hook.  The current flows through the phone and back to the central office

Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor with USB -  this project is based on obdev's Remote Sensor example and their firmware-only USB implementation; the main change is the replacement of the analog sensors with a Sensirion SHT11 digital temperature and humidity sensor

Wireless Temperature Monitor Has Data-Logging Capabilities -  01/19/12  EDN-Design Ideas You can make a wireless temps system with two ICs.  You can use a local temperature sensor and an ASK  (amplitude-shift-keying) transmitter/receiver pair to design a simple wireless temperature-monitoring system with data-logging capabilities.  A microcontroller processes and displays the temperature reading to the user.  The microcontrollerís onboard UART  (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) also allows for data-logging applications __ Circuit Design by Tom Au-Yeung and Wilson Tang, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Wireless Volume Control -  17-Aug-11 -Design News:   Andrew Morris decided the usual wireless volume controls donít offer enough functionality, so he created the ultimate volume control that connects between a computer or MP3 player and an amplified speaker system. __ Designed by Andrew R. Morris, Gadget Freak-Case #192

Wireless Weather Station. Part 1 -  In the Midwest, the main topics of conversation may include the local football team or how the crops are doing.  Inevitably though, the conversation always leads to the weather.  Most of us take the weather for granted __ Designed by Jerry Wasinger

Wireless-Powered LED -  Wireless power is transferred from transmitter to receiver coil using inductive coupling principle.  For wireless power transfer to work efficiently, frequency of the transmitter and the receiver must be tuned to...__ Electronics Projects for You

Z1 Small 3-wheel ROBOT with Infrared eye -  Z1 is a small three wheel robot that avoids obstacles which it senses with its active infrared sensors.  Each rear wheel has its own motor, the single front wheel is not powered.  The robot steers "like a tank" by rotating the rear wheels in opposite direction __ Designed by © 2008 Ayman CDMA

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Infrared Circuits
IR Circuits:  #'s - A         B - H         I - K         L - Q         R - S         T - Z

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