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Microprocessor Circuits
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Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics and designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Reverse Loop Controller for DCC Model Railways - Another project for DCC Model Railway enthusiasts...__ SiliconChip

RF Remote Control systE - M - Use a radio link to communicate between PICs.

RF Remote Control SystE - M - With a handful of inexpensive components, a little creativity, and the power of PicBasic, you can build some pretty outstanding robotics creations as Rob Arnold proves with his Ruf-Bot project.   __ Designed by Rob Arnold

RF Remote Controller - On these pages, I will introduce Remote Controller with Radio Frequency.  The electric wave sending-out is controlled with the code by PIC for transmission and the code is deciphered by PIC for receiving.  PIC16F84A __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

RF-Based Multiple Device Control - Here we describe how to control electrical and electronic gadgets from a remote location using radio frequency  (RF) transmission.  An RF interface is used instead of infrared  (IR) to avoid the...__ Electronics Projects for You

RFID Car immobiliser with PIC12F629 - Ok, so there are heaps of immobilisers out there but with most of them, if someone has your keys, they have you car.  What good is a car alarm with 3+ point immobilisation if someone manages to get the keys and of course the alarm remote.  This is a

RGB LED colour wash light - This PIC based circuit uses Red, Green and Blue high brightness LEDs that are pulse width modulated  (PWM) to vary the intensity of each colour LED.  This allows effectively any colour to be generated.  The circuit is designed to fit into a low voltage Halogen light fitting.  A look up table is used to program

RGB pattern generator based on an Atmel ATtiny2313 running at 20MHz - This is a pattern generator with 13 images and 1KHZ tone, good for testing LCD TV’s, projectors and cathode ray tube TV’s.  The project is based on ATtiny2313 running at 20MHZ.  The horizontal frequency is 15625HZ and the vertical frequency is 50HZ  (Europe standard) .  __ AVR Projects Dim

RGB to Component - What- no RGB inputs on your TV to match your new digital set-top box? Don't sweat it....build this low cost unit instead.__ SiliconChip

RISC µP implements fast FIR filter - 01/21/99 EDN-Design Ideas - NOTE : contains several designs, scroll to find this one.  When it comes to implementing a fast FIR filter, current RISC µPs can compete with DSP µPs.  The FIR algorithm continuously implements the following equation: N=n–1 Out=Sum[in (t[-]n) coeff (n) ] N=0, where N is the number of taps, or the number of multiply-accumulate  (MAC) instructions of the filter.  Using a delay line to implement this equation is common and involves the ability to manage a circular buffer.   Design by Sorin Zarnescu, NEC Electronics, Santa Clara, CA

RLCs match transmission lines to loA - D - 04/10/97 EDN-Design Ideas - In many systems, transmission lines drive reactive  (mostly capacitive) loads.  To preserve signal integrity, you should properly terminate the lines.  However, the input impedance of CMOS logic ICs, for example, comprises a high resistance in parallel with capacitance.  A mismatch at the line’s end causes reflections and pulse-shaped distortion.  You can use simple RLC circuits to compensate for the mismatch.  In RF designs, the goal in matching impedances is to transfer power with maximum efficiency.   Design by Boris Dvoskin, Worcester, MA

Roach Motel-Electronic - Using a PIC for this device provides a lot of useful functionality.  The timing for the power pulse to the inductor is critical to getting the best Zap from your nine volt battery.  The longer the current is on, the higher the voltage.  Once the inductor reaches saturation, however, you are just waisting power.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Rolling Code 4-Channel UHF Remote Control - It has a long range, its rolling code is virtually unbreakable, it uses a keyring transmitter and it's ideal for use with garage door controllers.__ SiliconChip

Rolling-code generator uses flash microcontroller - 05/03/01 EDN-Design Ideas - Many security-alarm systems require the use of a random number.  A computer program uses this random number to create a sequence of random numbers to prevent unwanted visitors from gaining entry into a protected facility.  You can use a "rolling-code generator" to produce random numbers.  To implement such a generator, you would typically need a microcontroller with external memory.   Design by Wallace Ly

Room temperature controller - On this page, I will introduce the room temperature controller with PIC.  This equipment uses two temperature sensors, drives external equipment, and keeps the temperature of the room at preset temperature.  The purpose of this equipment is for preventing room temperature going up with the heat of the computers.  Electric cost will become high if an air-conditioner is always operated.  Then, I made the equipment __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

Rotating Sprocket Wheel Generator PIC16F84 - An interesting side-effect is that this circuit very clearly shows some of the shortcomings of digital oscilloscopes.  Whenever an oscilloscope salesman comes around, he whips out this box with a switch and 2 BNC jacks.  It has been known to render speechless the best salesmen from HP and Tektronix.  They usually dismiss it as a toy, but I think that is just because they have to follow the party line: Analog scopes are dead.  I have seen a digital scope or two accurately mimic the analog, most notably the Digital Phosphor scopes from Tektronix, but in general, the RSWG breaks digital scopes.   __ Designed by Matt Bennett

Rotating Sprocket Wheel Lissajóus Generator - Jules A.  Lissajóus, a French physicist in the 19th century, described a series of coplanar curves traced by objects executing mutually perpendicular harmonic motions.  More than just a mathematic curiosity, his work has been implemented in the era of electronics as a means of measuring the relationship of alternating-current waveforms.  A common application of Lissajóus' observations is demonstrated with the use of an oscilloscope, where one electric waveform is used __ Designed by Arthur Harrison

Routine automates pattern/sequence Detection - 05/16/02 EDN-Design Ideas - Sequence detection is a common operation in many communication and security systems.  Some good examples are HDLC-flag identification and signature analysis.  As the complexity of the system increases, designing circuitry for sequence detection becomes tedious and laborious.  Using the software tool in this Design Idea, you can generate HDL code in VHDL or Verilog formats for both Mealy and Moore Design by K Venkatachalam, Murugesh Rajiah, and Vijayakrishnan Rousseau, Tata Elxsi Limited, KR Puram, Bangalore, India

Routine Eases EEPROM Conflicts with DSP Chi - EDN-Design Ideas - 11/21/96    Single-voltage EEPROMs, which you can often program in-circuit, can cause significant system failures if inadvertent programming occurs.  Such misprogramming can occur during power-up or as a result of timing glitches; even careful timing analysis can fail to prevent all such failure modes.    Design by Med Dyer, Jabra Corp, San Diego, CA

Routines directly measure microcontroller bus clock - 10/25/07  EDN-Design Ideas - You can verify the bus frequency of the HC08 SCS08 microcontroller with simple control loops Design by Kerry Erendson, Bulova Technologies

RS-232 Data Switch - This report deals with the design for a small asynchronous serial data switch.  The switch architecture allows 14 serial ports supporting a subset of the RS-232 protocol.  The requirements for the switch are discussed.  The hardware interfaces are described in detail, and the software function is described in the form of a user's manual.  Finally, the hardware and software implementation is presented. __ Designed by Markus Wandel

RS232 DB-9 Switch - Simple hardware expands COM1 to COM1/1 and COM1/2;  RS232 DB-9 Switch to Flip Between Two Serial Ports __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

RS-232 Geiger Counter & Data Logger - Now with numeric output!

RS-232 Interface to PIC - PIC Project  The standard rs-232  (com port) interface specifies +/- 12 volt signals.  It is possible to work quite well with +/- 5 volts.  This circuit works by 'stealing' the negative voltage from the COM port and using it to communicate back.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

RS232 interfaced DVM using a PIC12F675 including source code for CCS C Compiler - DVM-001 RS232 Circuit / CCS Source Code

RS232 Level Converter - This converter comes as an aid to STK500 board.  It uses the famous MAX232 for the signal level translation.  It requires a 1 to 1 rs232 cable for the connection with the PC.  __ AVR Projects Dim

RS-232 to TTL Translator - A simple terminal program on a PC can have a lot of uses.  The hang-up is that most of those uses involve communicating with a device running on 5 volts.  I’ve done several schemes over the years but this one is my favorites. __ Designed by Luhan Monat

RS-232 to TTL Translator - A simple terminal program on a PC can have a lot of uses.    The hang-up is that most of those uses involve communicating with a device running on 5 volts.    I've done several schemes over the years but this one is my favorites.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

RS485-like multi-drop bus with half duplex serial protocol - PBUS is an RS485-like multi-drop bus for interconnecting PIC and other microcontroller-driven devices.  Protocol and software is written by Jap.  Just include a separate pbus library file into your project and add your command handlers for the specific device in a few lines __ Designed by Peter Jakab

RTOS vendors Move to support automotive standard - 04/01/99 EDN-Design Ideas - NOTE :  File contains many designs.   Scroll to this one.  The Tornado for Automotive tool suite from Wind River  (Picture) supports the OSEK automotive operating system initiative.  Tornado includes MotorWorks, an OSEK-compliant RTOS that the company acquired through its partnership with German software house 3Soft, and a fully integrated tool suite.  The OSEK automotive-industry initiative defines a scalable operating system for resource-limited systems Design by Graham Prophet

Rudder Position Indicator for Power Boats - Part 1__ SiliconChip

Rudder Position Indicator for Power Boats, Pt.2 - Last month we introduced our Rudder Position Indicator, which uses a 433MHz wireless link to show the direction a power boat?s rudder is pointing.  This month we provide detailed instructions for building and testing both units as well as mounting the sensor unit in the boat.__ SiliconChip

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