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Microprocessor Circuits
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Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics and designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Quad 50E - This is the schematic only __ Designed by quadworld @ reocities.com

Quad 50E adaptors - This is the schematic only __ Designed by quadworld @ reocities.com

Quad II - schematic only

Quadrature Direct Fourier Transform - PIC Project  Disclaimer:  I don't know whether this idea is original, I only know that it works.  Normally, doing DFT  (direct fourier transform) means multiplying each data point with the sine and cosine coefficients and then summing the totals for all points.  The resultant sums are then 'vector added' by taking the 'square root of the sum of the squares'.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Quick'n'Easy Digital Slide Scanner - A simple way to copy slides onto your computer's hard drive.  Do you have a large collection of slides which are deteriorating by the day? Are they growing mouldy or becoming discoloured? Then there is no time to waste.  Get them onto your computer's hard drive before it is too late.  This method is very quick, simple and does not require any electronics.__ SiliconChip

Railpower Model Train Controller - This ultra-high performance model train controller features infrared remote control.  We believe it's the best build-it-yourself train controller ever published!__ SiliconChip

Railpower Model Train Controller, Pt.2 - Last month we presented the circuit, specifications and parts list for our new high-performance Railpower IV model train controller.  Now it's time for the construction details - and we show you how to set it up for best performance.__ SiliconChip

Railpower Model Train Controller; Pt 2 - Final article describes the IR remote control circuit and gives the full construction details.__ SiliconChip

Random Numbers - PIC Project  Many random number generators are software versions of the hardware shift register feedback circuit.  Two problems with this approach are that this operation is usually clumsy in software and the results have some noticeable patterns.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Random-Number Generator Prefers Imperfect Clock - 11/21/96  EDN-Design Ideas - The circuit in Figure 1 generates random numbers using a linear-feedback shift register  (LFSR) .  The 16-bit LFSR consists of two shift registers, IC3 and IC4, and the feedback circuitry comprising IC5A, IC6A, and IC6B.  The CLK2 signal clocks the output of Design by Sergey Velichko, SCP Global Technologies, Boise, ID

Raspberry Pi 2 OpenROV Build - An OpenROV 2.8, with a Raspberry Pi 2 brain.

Raspberry Pi 74174 Serial Shift Register Interface Liquid Crystal Display - Here we connect my serial LCD display circuit to the Raspberry Pi.  This saves the use of GPIO pins for other uses.  The routines are as follows: __ Designed by Lewis Loflin

Raspberry Pi as World Webcam Server - While it is not possible to always keep an eye on your home or business while you are away we can make a world webcam to watch only important incidents, with...__ Electronics Projects for You

Raspberry Pi Gpio Access using C - It has almost been 40 years or more and still C language is ruling the world.  Also, it has been the first choice of embedded engineers.  It is simple to learn...__ Electronics Projects for You

Raspberry Pi Projects: Live Streaming using Raspberry Pi Development Board - Imagine you are talking to your friend who works in another country and at the same time you are streaming your plush drawing room images to him or her on the...__ Electronics Projects for You

RC lowpass filter expands microcomputer’s output port - 06/21/07  EDN-Design Ideas - A simple lowpass RC filter allows a single output pin of a microcontroller to expand the number of output bits Design by Rex Niven, Forty Trout Electronics, Eltham, Victoria, Australia

RCD Programmer (DIY) - I believe that the "JDM Programmer" is cheap and very useful PIC Programmer.  However, since "JDM Programmer" cannot control VDD, the algorithm "VPP before VDD" is inapplicable.  Programming to the latest device from this reason may go wrong when using CONFIG settings as "Internal oscillator" "MCLR OFF".  These devices are given power from the "JDM programmer", and execute program code.  An error may come out by verification, or it may become impossible erasure and become impossible re-programming.  In order to solve this problem, I designed a programmer based on the "JDM programmer.  " Since this programmer was made of resistors, capacitors, and diodes, I named this the "RCD Programmer.  " "Hardware settings" of IC-Prog are the same as the "JDM programmer.  ".  

RCEN fuse bit programmer - With this stand alone programmer you can  enable or  disable the internal RC oscillator of  AT90S1200 or  AT90S1200A  __ Designed by Kyriakos Kontakos; Vassilis Serasidis; Herbert Dingfelder

RDS Encoder - schematic only __ Jan Kolar

Read 10 or More switches using only two I/O pins of a microcontroller - 02/28/13  EDN-Design Ideas - Use a decoded counter to easily read one or multiple switch closures.   Design by Aruna Rubasinghe

Read Multiple Switches & a Potentiometer Setting with One Microcontroller Input Pin - 04/22/10 EDN-Design Ideas - Use a single ADC input pin to sense pushbuttons as well as a potentiometer.   Design by Kevin Fodor, Palatine, IL

Reader/Programmer for Smart Cards - Low-cost Phoenix-type reader/programmer lets you program your own Smart Cards for all kinds of applications.__ SiliconChip

Reading Data from the Parallel Port - The diagram below shows 5 switches connected to the 5 input lines of the parallel port.  An external 5 volt power supply is used to provide high logic levels to the input pins when the switches are open.  Three 1.5 volt batteries in series can be used to obtain 4.5 volts which is close enough.  The 330 ohm resistors.   __ Designed by Bill Bowden

Real Time Clock PCF8583 - The PCF8583 is a clock/calendar circuit based on a 2048-bit static CMOS RAM organized as 256 words by 8 bits.  Addresses and data are transferred serially via the two-line bidirectional I2C-bus.  The built-in word address register is incremented automatically after each written or read data byte.  Address pin A0 is used for programming the hardware address, allowing the connection of two devices to the bus without additional hardware.  The built-in 32.768 kHz oscillator circuit and the first 8 bytes of the RAM are used for the clock/calendar and counter functions.  The next 8 bytes may be programmed as alarm registers or used as free RAM space.  The remaining 240 bytes are free RAM locations.  

Realtime Clock with LCD Based On an Atmel AT89C4051 - If you are looking for the simplest project, you are at the right place.  Its a digial clock which make use of AT89C4051 to work as a Real time clock.   __ Designed by Ajay Bhargav ajay_bhargav @ hotmail.com

Recording & Measurement Microphone - A simple selection of projects for making your own microphones  __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Remote Control Encoder/Decoder with PIC16C620 & PIC12C508 - Control up to 8 devices by this easy constructable remote control.  It can work as a radio or infrared remote control, depending on the components.  Each device output can be configured to be momentary  (turned on while you press the button) or latched.  Latched outputs can be toggled on/off by one button per channel, or turned on and off by two buttons per channel.   __ Designed by Peter Jakab

Remote display - On this page, I will introduce remote display with PIC16F873.  The asynchronous communication function  (USART) of PIC16F873 is used for this equipment.  The information which is set with the control unit is displayed on the large-sized display installed in the about 10-m left place using the cable.  The size of the displaying unit has 25-cm height, 40-cm width.  It is not so large size __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

Remote Infrared Terminal - This unit provide 2 way IR communications using a numeric keypad and an LCD display.  Data is sent and recieved in ASCII with no regard to what the data means to any particular device __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Remote RF Xmiter - This device was built into a small  (1 1/4 by 2 inch) Radio Shack project box.  It features four push buttons which can produce 2 codes each.   (Pushing a button for less than one second sends the first code, holding it for over one second sends the second code.)  __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Remote Telltale for Garage Doors - If you have a perfect memory you won't need this.  But the rest of us could find it very handy! It lets you know if you've left the garage door open without stumbling out in the dark or the pouring rain...__ SiliconChip

REMOTE[RS232] using Easy-Server V0.9 - Experiment the microcontroller with internet server.  The Easy-Server provides simple means for connecting microcontroller through a 9600 8n1 serial interfacing.  Exemplary circuit using PIC16F84 for REMOTE RS232 and experiment description were included.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Remote-Controlled Automatic Table Lamp Dimmer - It automatically dims up or down between two preset levels or you can manually control the lamp brightness, all via remote control__ SiliconChip

Remote-Controlled Digital Up/Down Timer - This remote-controlled digital timer has a bright 20mm-high 7-segment red LED display & can count up or down from one second to 100 hours in 1-second steps.  Its timing period can either be set and controlled using the remote control or it can be automatically controlled via external trigger/reset inputs.  An internal relay and buzzer activate when the unit times out.__ SiliconChip

Replacement CDI Module for Small Petrol Motors - If the CDI module in your motorbike, outboard, ride-on mower or other small petrol motor fails, you could be in for a shock.  Depending on the brand or model, they can cost up to $400.  You can build this one for less than $50 and it will do the same job for most engines.__ SiliconChip

Resistor Sub Box - PIC Project  Commercial substitution boxes uses a lot of switches and a set of fixed resistors.  The advantage is that they have a large range of resistance and work at higher voltages.  This device is only good for use in circuits of 12 volts or so but it is much smaller and cheaper.  It uses a log taper 2 watt potentiometer  (Digikey part# KA1031S28) to produce a range of resistance values from about 50 ohms to 10k ohms.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Restaurant Menu Ordering SystE - M - Automation systems are increasing in day to day life.  Applications like home and industrial automation reduce man power while increasing the efficiency.  Here in this project let us see how automated menu for ordering...__ Electronics Projects for You


Microprocessors:  #'s - B      C - F      G - K      L - M      N - P      Q - S      T - Z 

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