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Microprocessor Circuits
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Tables Ease Microcontroller Programming - 22-April-10 EDN-Design Ideas - When creating microcontroller firmware, you often need to work with data arrays.  Tables make easy work of data arrays, such as those for digital-code transformation, correction for sensor linearity, sophisticated calculations, and multiple output organization.  Table 1 shows how you can organize data in a table.   Design by Abel Raynus, Armatron International, Malden, MA

Talking Fish Hack - These items were sold nationally several years ago.  The fish would sing, open its mouth, turn its head, and flap its tail.  After removing the back panel, all of the existing electronics were removed leaving only the 3 servo motors, speaker and photocell)  __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Talking Frog Box - This device 'listens' to a conversations and then interjects words and phrases at inappropriate times.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Talking Phone Dial Monitor - Speaks the numbers that you dial as you dial your telephone.5 pages.  Not available as a kit of parts.  __ Golab.com

Tele-Call Interceptor - PIC Project  This device connects between the phone line, an answering machine, and your phones.  When a phone call comes in, the answering machine picks up the call and informs the caller to enter the access code to ring the phone or to wait for the beep and leave a message.  If the correct code is entered, the answering machine is immediately disconnected while the device generates phone ringing tones on an external speaker.  Picking up any phone causes the device to return to its initial state.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Telecard as Safety-Lock Key -  This safety-lock can be work with up to 8 different  telecards  (empty  or not) as access keys.  Each  telecard can be registered or  unregistered from the  system, by press the  corresponding button.  __ © Vassilis Serasidis

Telecard reader - Attention!!! This circuit its only a reader its not programmer.  You CANNOT refill, hack or any illegal thing, the telecards.  The purpose of this circuit its to understans how a microcontroller read, serial, the telecard, to build some other

Telephone call screener with voice - PIC Project  This unit is an upgrade of the previous phone call interceptor.  Instead of using an answering machine to provide the outgoing message and recording functions, it uses the ISD4004  (from Windbond Electronics) .  The ISD4004 records up to 8 minutes of audio.  I use the first several seconds for outgoing message prompts.  The remaining time is used to record up to 30 messages, depending on message length.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Telephone line simulator ideal for testing phone interface projects - Creating projects that connect to the phone line can be a real chore without some device like this.  It generates the 48 volts DC for the on-hook condition, the 100 volts AC for the ring signal, and the 20 milliamperes DC for the off-hook condition __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Telephone Operated Remote Control using PIC16F84a MicroController - This design controls up to 8 devices using a PIC microcontroller  (PIC16F84A) connected to the phone line.  The unique feature here is that unlike other telephone line based remote control, this device does not need the call to be answered at the remote end so the call will not be charged.  This device depends on number of rings given on the telephone line

Temperature Indicator using AT89C52 - The circuit of temperature indicator is designed around microcontroller AT89C52 where DS1621 is used as temperature sensor.  The block diagram of temperature indicator using AT89C52 is shown in figure 1.

Ten Tricks for Interfacing to the PIC16c508 - Most of the ideas in this chapter can be found on the pages of this website, but just in case you want to go over the capabilities of the '508A, we have brought them together.   Quite often when you are programming, the first thing you will run out of is output lines.  Many projects need lots of drive lines and if you need more than about 8, you should go to another micro-controller.   Don't expect an 8-pin chip to perform the impossible.   __ Contact: Colin Mitchell

Test the Salt Content Of Your Swimming Pool - Do you have a swimming pool with a salt-water chlorinator? Then you will know that you have to periodically add salt to the water to make sure that the chlorination process works properly.  So how do you measure salt content in your swimming pool?__ SiliconChip

Test Your Reaction Times with a Digital Reaction Timer. - Everyone takes a finite time to respond to any stimulus, whether it's the brake lamp from the vehicle in front at 110km/h on the freeway, touching a hot saucepan on the stove or whatever.__ SiliconChip

The 89Sxx Learning Board - Build a simple and cheap 89Sxx MCU learning board by Tahan Prahara, Indonesia __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

The A-1 Robot - This Robot is created using a Radio Shack project box.  I have used many of the circuts from DiscoverCircuts.  com with my ideas for AI-A-1.  

The AVR based USB Touchscreen Mouse - Introduction We have been selling the PSP and Nintendo DS touchscreens for a while now and it is about time we do something cool that uses them.  A LCD touchscreen project first comes to mind, but I really wanted to do something different.  Ryan, one

The Big Blast Subwoofer - Easy-To-Build unit offers thunderous bass, can handle up to 250W RMS and is built into a compact enclosure.__ SiliconChip

The Cheap But Useful ErICsson Cell Phone Display GA630 - You used to have an Ericsson Cell Phone GA628 and you also loved it very much, however after few years of using, you’ve decided to change a brand new cell phone and you just threw it inside the drawer and never touch or look on it after that?

The Driveway Sentry - Detect vechicles coming down yur driveway and automatically open gates or sound alarm with this reliable unit.  It works justlike the detectors used for traffic- lights.__ SiliconChip

The Driveway Sentry Mk.2 - Here's an improved version of the Driveway Sentry we described in the November 2004 issue of SILICON CHIP.  It detects vehicles like cars, trucks, tractors or other farm machinery moving along a driveway or through a gateway.  When movement is detected, it switches on a mains-powered or battery-powered lighting system and activates an optional piezo buzzer alarm for a preset period ranging from 2-25 seconds.__ SiliconChip

The HC11 Controls the Stepper - Simple circuit with 16-pin Nitron chip 68HC908, easy analog setting, source code with ICC08.  New s-record for 8-pin 68HC908QT2! __ Designed by Ludwig Orgler-Fachingenieur Elektrotechnik

The iButton-Hard "Nut to Crack" - This family of devices comes in 16mm-diameter stainless ateel cans.  You can build a simple project and read their serial numbers__ SiliconChip

The Little Dynamite Subwoofer - Build this compact subwoofer for very little money.  Its ideal for use in a car or home unit.__ SiliconChip

The LP Doctor: Cleaning Up Clicks & Pops - Part 2: all the construction details.__ SiliconChip

The Maximite Computer, Pt.2 - Build A Digital Spirit Level__ SiliconChip

The Maximite Computer, Pt.3 - Over the past two months we introduced the Maximite, a tiny microcomputer that can turn its hand to many things, from teaching programming to controlling your greenhouse.  In this final article we provide an introduction to the BASIC language running on the Maximite and show you how to use this tiny marvel for measurement and control.__ SiliconChip

The Micromitter Stereo FM Transmitter - At last!- a stereo FM transmitter that's a snack to align.__ SiliconChip

The MiniMaximite Computer - We now add to the Maximite family with the miniMaximite; a small, low-cost version designed for use as an intelligent controller to plug into your creation.  It is fully software compatible with the original Maximite so you can develop and test your program on the larger version, then transfer it to the miniMaximite when you are ready to screw the covers down.__ SiliconChip

The Minispot 455kHz Modulated Oscillator - The Minispot produces a 455kHz carrier waveform which is amplitude-modulated with a 500Hz tone.  You can use it to align the intermediate frequency  (IF) stages of any AM broadcast or shortwave radio.__ SiliconChip

The Nick-Off Bad Cat Deterrent - Do you have a miscreant "puddy-tat" that likes to jump on kitchen benches  (or worse) ? It can be a real problem, especially at night when no-one is looking.  The Nick-Off Cat Deterrent  (aka the Ted-Off) is the perfect solution.  It uses an infrared sensor to detect said cat and triggers an answering machine to play back simulated, demented barking.  It also lights two white LEDs which form the eyes of an angry dog.__ SiliconChip

The OZTrip Car Computer: Part One - Versatile design can also be used as a rally computer or a boat fuel computer.__ SiliconChip

The OzTrip Car Computer: Part Two - Building, installing and calibrating this brilliant new car computer.__ SiliconChip

The PICAXE Part 6-Data Communications - PICAXEs can actually talk to each via a piece of wet string  (but you might want to use wire.) __ SiliconChip

The PICAXE Part 7-Get that Clever Code Purring - Program in some Morse Code and start communicating.__ SiliconChip

The PICAXE Part 8-A Datalogger & Sending it to Sleep - To sleep, perchance to dream  (or nap)(and PICAXE datalogging too!) __ SiliconChip

The PICAXE- Part 9: Keyboards 101 - Build a PS2 to RS-232 converter and send data from a keyboard to a remote terminal or LCD display via a 2-wire interface.__ SiliconChip

The PICAXE-Part 8: the 18X Series - You've guessed it: the Picaxe 08 chip has several big brothers.  Here's a look at the "18A" version, along with a simple temperature sensor.__ SiliconChip

The Pixie - There are several projects on this page.  Please scroll down to find the LED Chaser.   __ Designed by Jason KE4NYV from Roanoke, Virginia


Microprocessors:  #'s - B      C - F      G - K      L - M      N - P      Q - S      T - Z 

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