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Microprocessor Circuits
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Last Updated: December 29, 2017 03:15 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Short Message Recorder & Player - Download WAV files from your PC and play them at will!__ SiliconChip

Shorted Turns Tester - No TV or monitor technician should be without this unit.  Build it and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.__ SiliconChip

Shortwave Bug - Circuit and notes only, no circuit description given.   __ Designed by Tony van Roon  VA3AVR


Signal Controls Sine Generator - 05/15/03 EDN-Design Ideas - The circuit of Figure 1 produces an accurate, variable-frequency sine wave for use as a general-purpose reference signal.  It includes an eighth-order elliptic, switched-capacitor lowpass filter, IC3, which uses a 100-kHz square-wave clock signal that microcontroller IC2 generates.    (Any other convenient square-wave source is also acceptable __ Circuit Design by Simon Bramble, Maxim Integrated Products, UK

Signboard - On this page, I will introduce the electronic signboard with PIC16F84A.  The message is displayed to flow on the left from the right.128 LEDs are used for this board __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

Signboard 2 - Iwill introduce the making of the electronic signboard which used PIC16F84A on thses pages.112 LEDs  (7 x 16) are used for the display of the message.50 LEDs are used as the design of the edge.  Latch registers by CPLD are used for the display of the LEDs.   __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

Silencing a Noisy Beast - Don't bleat about a noisy PC.  Here's what to do so that you can enjoy THE SILENCE OF THE FANS!__ SiliconChip

Silicon breeds a new round of Design tools - 04/01/99 EDN-Design Ideas - NOTE :  File contains many designs.   Scroll to this one.  As more IC designs move to 0.25-µm technology, EDA-tool vendors are responding with new software.  New to Europe is Simplex Solutions; Simplex’s tools let you perform full-chip extraction of parasitics and analysis of signal-integrity and power characteristics. __ Circuit Design by Graham Prophet

Silicon Chip Passive DI Box - Don't let hum & noise spoil your performance.  This DI box performs as well as a powered unit but doesn't need batteries__ SiliconChip

Simon Says memory game using a PIC16F84A or PIC16F628 microController -  The PC board has been designed for a PIC16F84A or PIC16F628.   __ Contact: Collin Mitchell

Simple Circuit & Cheap Metal Detector - The idea of this circuit is to hack PIC oscillator circuit, by replacing the crystal by a coil : the frequency of the oscillator then depends on presence of metal near the coil, just like in a classic metal detector.   __ Designed by Bruno Gavand

Simple Circuit µC acts as Dedicated Motor control - 09/11/98 EDN-Design Ideas -  (Scroll to find this circuit design)   Motion-control systems often use a PWM signal to control the duty cycle for a motor driver or amplifier module.  Typical designs generate the PWM signals using µC with dedicated PWM output lines, such as the PIC16C65  (Microchip Technology, www.  microchip.  com) and the HC11  (Motorola Inc, www.  motorola.  com) .  However, these µC may have more features than necessary for a motion-control system with multiple degrees of freedom.   __ Circuit Design by Dylan Horvath, Gecko Sysytems Inc, Austin, TX

Simple Circuit 1.2-20V 1.5A Switching Regulator - This tiny regulator board outputs 1.2-20V from a higher voltage DC supply at currents up to 1.5A.  It's small, efficient and cheap to build, with many handy features such as a very low drop-out voltage, little heat generation and electronic shut-down.__ SiliconChip

Simple Circuit 10 bit DAC for the Arduino using TLC274 opamp - Although this DAC works well you better take the new designs: 16-bit DAC or the Fast RC DAC.  If you need a DAC for the Arduino, this 10 bit DAC is accurate, cheap and uses only few components.  The Arduino processor, the ATmega328 / Atmega168, has ADC inputs but unfortunately no DAC outputs.  Although the internal ADC contains a 10 bit DAC, this DAC can’t be used stand alone.  Therefore I developed a 10 bit DAC, which is build with an integrator.  In contrast to a PWM DAC, there is no ripple. __ Designed by © avdweb 2017

Simple Circuit Alcohol Level Meter - The courts are full of people who thought they were fit to drive after having "a couple of drinks".  This simple little project will give you a good indication of alcohol on your breath - and therefore your blood alcohol concentration  (BAC) .  It's up to you then to make the right decision and get a cab home instead!__ SiliconChip

Simple Circuit Amplifier - This is the low frequency power amplifier of which the penumbra article can be composed without using it hardly.  The about 660-mW output can be gotten with the 16-ohm speaker.   This circuit is used for the simple monitor and so on __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

Simple Circuit automatic kitchen sink light - PROBLEM: Even when both ceiling lights are on in the kitchen, the sink has always been too dark at night.  Anyone standing at the sink creates a shadow from the ceiling light, making it tough to properly wash dishes or vegetables.  SOLUTION: Install

Simple Circuit AVR programmer - The official hardware for PonyProg is serial port interface. If you only need to do in-circuit programming then the hardware can be simplified, mainly by losing the power supply part. The resulting hardware is simplicity itself. __ Designed by © Madis Kaal

Simple Circuit Colour Organ - This is a simple, one lamp colour organ.  It is far less complicated then the Three Channel Colour Organ.  It is simply a lamp controlled by an SCR.  It can be built in a few minutes, and combined with other circuits to make some pretty neat effects.   __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Simple Circuit CW Keyer based on Atmel ATtiny 2313 - This is a simple and small CW keyer project.  It uses an ATMEL ATtiny 2313  (Atmel's ATtiny2313 page) microcontroller, which is a 20pin device with 2k flash memory.  The firmware is written in C and uses less than 1k.  The pin count would allow for the use of a 8 pin device but the 2313 was simply the part at hand __ Designed by © 2007 Michael Wichmann

Simple Circuit DTMF Repeater Controller using PIC16F84 - Schematic + Parts List __ Designed by Dinesh Gajjar VU2FD

Simple Circuit irrigation Controller with PIC - This is a simple one-valve irrigation controller made for our greenhouse.  The code contains a software real-time clock  (RTC) and a multiplexed 8-digit LED display and keyboard you can use in other projects.  Turn on the sprinkler or the aquarium lighting for the same period of the day.  You can choose to operate the output by every 2nd, 3rd day only.  There is a manual start/stop button to immediately turn on or off the output, and a disable button to completely turn off automatic operation __ Designed by Peter Jakab

Simple Circuit logic analyzer pushes microcontroller to its limit - 12/07/00  EDN-Design Ideas - A simple logic-analyzer design is compatible with all versions of Windows and pushes the PIC 18C252 chip to its speed limit to achieve a 1-MHz sampling rate  (Figure 1) .  The circuit can examine three channels of relatively low-speed logic signals that have infrequent, or sparse, transitions.  The analyzer can record only 510 transitions per run, but a run can last as long as several minutes, if necessary.  Applications include monitoring the I/O of an IBM keyboard or printer port, TI-calculator intercommunication, and serial  (RS-232) signals __ Circuit Design by Tom Lyons Fisher, Inexpensive Systems, Huntingdon, PA, and Michael Deskevich, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA

Simple Circuit Microcontroller-Temperature Measurement Uses Only a Diode & a Capacitor - 12/05/08  EDN-Design Ideas - Discharging a capacitor through the reverse leakage of a PN junction allows you to measure ambient temperature.  Using a PN-junction diode for temperature measurement usually depends on its 2‑mV/K temperature  coefficient.  Conventionally, you must amplify and digitize this voltage with an ADC before you can use the value in a microcontroller.  Less well-known is the fact that the reverse current of a PN-junction diode shows a good exponential dependency over temperature; increasing the temperature by approximately 12K doubles the leakage  (Figure 1) .  An easy way to measure current over such a large range of two to three decades is to charge and discharge a capacitor and measure the time or frequency __ Circuit Design by Andreas Grun

Simple Circuit RS232 Level Converter based on a MAX232 including Eagle PCB & schematic files - This converter comes as an aid to STK500 board.  It uses the famous MAX232 for the signal level translation.  It requires a 1 to 1 rs232 cable for the connection with the PC.  __ AVR Projects Dim

Simple Circuit RS232C Level Converter using Transistors - Cheap and easy circuit for converting TTL logic to RS232C level using small signal transistors.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Simple Circuit RS422 Converter for Minilogger - Build a simple RS422 converter for the Minilogger.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Simple Circuit setup tests bit-error rate - 18-Mar-04 EDN-Design Ideas - Traditionally, the reception quality of a digital receiver is expressed in terms of BER (bit-error rate].  This figure is the proportion of received bit errors in a given period.  Typically, you measure the BER in the lab by applying an RF signal, modulated by a pseudorandom code, to the receiver under test __ Circuit Design by Israel Schneiderman, Rosslare Israel Ltd, Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel

Simple Circuit VGA/Video adapter - This project is about creating VGA/Video signals  using the 8-bit AVR MCU.  The output can drive a TV set or a VGA monitor.   __ Designed by © Vassilis Serasidis

Simple Circuit VHF FM/AM Radio. - Looking for an ideal first project? Try your hand at this simple radio.__ SiliconChip

Simple Dc To Dc Converter For Microcontroller Kit - This article describes a simple, low-cost DC to DC converter for a microcontroller  (MCU) kit.  This converter is built around popular NE555 timer.  It can provide positive and negative output voltages...__ Electronics Projects for You

Simple, Cheap 433MHz Locator Transmitter - So you made last month's 433MHz "sniffer" receiver and now fancy some adventurous tracking? Here's a versatile PICAXE-08M controlled transmitter, based around Jaycar's ZW-3100 companion 433.92MHz ASK  (Amplitude Shift Keying) module.  While relatively short range, this transmitter makes a great model plane or model rocket locator and/or tracking beacon - something we?ve been asked about numerous times__ SiliconChip

Simplify computer-aided engineering with scientific-to-engineering conversion - 09/30/04 EDN-Design Ideas - The simple yet useful formula in This design idea enables conversion from scientific format (for example, 2.2 9], which is typical for CAE (computer-aided-engineering], double-precision output Page includes several designs.  Scroll to find this one __ Circuit Design by Alexander Bell, Infosoft International, Rego Park, NY

Sine wave oscillator - I introduce the sine wave oscillator which used the operational amplifier in this page.  The Wien bridge sine wave oscillator to introduce is the oscillator which works in the oscillation by returning  (positive feedback) the oscillation output to the input.  Because there are few parts, the Wien bridge oscillator is the often used circuit.  The point of this circuit is the negative feedback circuit to make the oscillation operation be stable.   __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

Sine/Cosine wave oscillator - I introduce the oscillator which outputs the Sine wave and the Cosine wave at the same time using the operational amplifier.  Because the distortion was big at the circuit to have been introducing before, I improved at the circuit with little distortion.  The circuit this time combines the integration circuit and the inverter by the operational amplifier.   __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

Sine/Square Wave Oscillator for Your Workbench - It uses a switched capacitor filter IC to give a very good envelope stability.__ SiliconChip

Sinewave generator with AD9835 DDS, driven by BASIC-52 - You may want to check out the rfgenerator project for more modern version of the chip, and using it with AVR microcontroller __ Designed by © Madis Kaal

Singing Christmas tree based on Microchip PIC16F84 - Microcontroller based electronic circuit __ Designed by Aleksander Stare

Single 4-Input IC Gives over 90dB Crosstalk: Design Notes Linear Technology - DN79 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Single microcontroller pin senses Ambient light, controls illumination - 26-Oct-06 EDN-Design Ideas - LED circuit senses light and controls its own brightness __ Circuit Design by Loren Passmore, Berkeley, CA

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