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RF Radio Frequency Receiver Circuits   Page 1
RF Receivers:  #'s      A - B      C - D      E - K      L - Q      R - S     T - U     V - Z

Last Updated on: Thursday, December 07, 2017 02:04 PM

Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :
    This circuit is discussed in more detail in the Experimenters Journal. The receiver’s six inch diameter coil detects the ring signal from the above transmitter and use a single NPN transistor to provided enough amplification for the signal to be easily viewed on an oscilloscope.

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

$10 Receiver has MicroVolt Sensitivity -  08/18/94 EDN-Design Ideas  A three-transistor circuit in Fig 1 costs less than $10 to build, uses commonly available components, and consumes less than 10 mA from a single 9V battery. If you wind coil L1, as  figure shows,  circuit receives signals in  5to 15-MHz short-wave.... [Design Idea by Charles Kitchin, Analog Devices Inc, Wilmington, MA]
1 Transistor FM Receiver -  (Circuit design added 8/03)
1 W Experimental Output & 1 Meter Loop Antenna for 187 kHz Lowfer  -  This page describes an antenna, a 1 watt final output stage, and a transformation network for radio experiments at 187 kHz....(schematic / circuit added 6/07)
137 kHz Direct Conversion Receiver -  The front end is described elsewhere  prea136.htm  The scope is reduce as most as possible the image frequency. I have also tried a different front end, based on a low pass filter with frequency cut-off of 180 kHz. In my QTH I had a lot of undesirables signals on the screen of the PC. The filter is tuned with a signal generator for a bandwidth of 300 Hz, centered on 136.650 kHz. The coupling capacitor between the coils is also tuned for the desired bandwidth.... [Circuit designed by Claudio Pozzi, IK2PII]
1750 Meter Lowfer Band amplitude modulated RF -  The 74HC4060 oscillates at 6.000 MHz, and is divided by 32 to get 187.5 kHz.  Pin 5 of the  CD4060 is a 732 Hz square wave which can be used to modulate the output stage rather than using a micro controller, but in this instance, the modulation…....
2 Transistor Transmitter (Rob van der Weijden) -  A compact 2 transistor transmitter for use at VHF frequencies…..(schematic / Circuit design added 8/08)
27 MHz Receiver -  This is a simple RF receiver mainly for low-distance digital radio receiver application. The analog output of this circuit should be connected to a schmitt-trigger signal conditioning circuit with a proper value capacitor (from collector of T3). L1 for 27Mhz is about 10 turns, 6 mm diameter coil body. …....
30M PSK31 Transceiver -  ....
4 Band Double Tuned Preselector -  The circuit requires an RF input which can be from a longwire or a loop antenna. The Preamplifier has a range from 550kHz (Medium Wave) up to 30 MHz in the SW band. The input Switch S1, applies voltage to a set of relays which switch in the appropriate coils.... [Designed by David Sayles]
4 Transistor FM Receiver -  This is a pocket sized receiver I built in 1994. The idea was to make a simple but useable receiver running off 3V. My previous 6 transistor receiver was more bulky, requiring 12V.  This meant 10 x AA cells. I designed and made a PCB,....(circuit added 08/07/06) 
40 Meter Popcorn Superhet Receiver -  schematic for a no-frills, relatively low-cost CW superhet receiver with a 4.00 MHz Intermediate frequency. There is no AGC or RF gain control, however this receiver has good large signal handling capability.  This receiver uses just 6 bipolar transistors and an op amp for reasonable volume into headphones. Much....(design added 05/08)
40m Direct Conversion Receiver -  Building a practical and usable direct conversion receiver for the 40 m CW band is not as simple as it might appear. Broadcast station signals from the adjacent 41 m band, will easily overload most direct conversion mixer designs with their unwanted…
42 Mc Band to 88 Mc Band retrofit Converter Project -  Before World War II the FM radio band was just below 50 Mc.  Read all about it.  If you have such a radio, you might want to build this converter.  It will let your old set receive….(electronic schematic / circuit added 4/02)
45-860MHz Radio receiver Based on UV916-tuner -  This receiver use a TV-tuner, a simple radio-circuit and a interface to a computer.  computer control (set)  receiving frequency from 45-860MHz.  purpose of this project is to learn about tuners, it's a pre-project for my Spectrum analyzer project.  UV916 or UV918 tuner is easy to find in broke TV or VCR:s. It is a common tuner(added 03/04/05)
49MHz Walkie Talkie -  Lots of people are requesting walkie-talkie and RF remote control schematics, so here is some. Building se circuits needs special equipment and expertise in RF circuits. If you are going to experiment with se circuits, please note that I did not build.... [Peter Jakab, Electrical Engineer, Engineer of Informatics]
50 MHz to 146 MHz Converter -  amateur radio construction projects…. [from Peter Parker's website]
50MHz Converter -  (electronic design added 6/07)
6 Watt Amplifier -  A 2 Watt audio amplifier made from discrete components. Low distortion Amplifier using discrete components… [Design by Andy Collison]
70-W S-Band Amplifier For MMDS & Wireless Data/Internet Applications 12/11/00  -  Application Note California Eastern Laboratories Doc #932  (app note added 2/06)
7MHz Receiver -  The 7MHz band short wave radio which used LA1600....
8 Channel RF Remote Control -  This is an 8 Channel RF Remote Transmitter and Receiver that will allow to remotely control various electronic projects. RF Remote Control provides 2 latched and 6 momentary outputs that could be used to control your favorite devices such as amplifier, robotic devices, RC cars, computer, home appliances, lamps and many other cool gadgets. ….(electronic schematic added 11/08)
80 Meter CW ARDF Receiver -  (Circuit design added 8/03)
80m Direct Conversion Receiver  -  (Circuit design added 8/03)
RF Receivers:  #'s      A - B      C - D      E - K      L - Q      R - S     T - U     V - Z

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