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Sensors / Detectors: RF (Radio Frequency) Detectors, Page 4
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RF Detectors:   #'s - B      C - K      L - O      P - R      S- Z

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Thursday, October 30, 2014 09:22 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:
PIC16F84 RF remote Controller -  With a handful of inexpensive components, a little creativity, and the power of PicBasic, you can build some pretty outstanding robotics creations as Rob Arnold proves with his Ruf-Bot project… [Rob Arnold]
Popcorn direct Conversion receiver -  schematic for a no-frills, relatively low-cost CW superhet receiver with a 4.00 MHz Intermediate frequency. There is no AGC or RF gain control, however this receiver has good large signal handling capability.  This receiver uses just 6 bipolar transistors and an op amp for reasonable volume into headphones. Much....(design added 05/08)
Precision 300MHzto 7GHz RF Detector with Gain & Offset Adjustment -  Linear Technology LTC5509....[App Note]
Precision 300MHzto 7GHz RF Detector with Shutdown & Gain Adjustment -  Linear Technology LTC5530....[App Note]
Precision 600 MHz to 7GHz RF Detector with Adjustable Gain & 12MHz Baseband Bandwidth -  Linear Technology LT5534....[App Note]

Program predicts VSWR mismatch RF uncertainties -  02/01/01 EDN-Design Ideas....Hewlett-Packard (now Agilent Technologies] once offered a useful little cardboard slide rule for calculating the uncertainty in RF  measurements stemming.... [Design Idea by Steve Hageman, Agilent Technologies, Santa Rosa, CA]
R/C Switch -  This circuit is a so-called "Radio controlled Electronic Switch". It can be used to switch on/off anything electrical, whatever it is. Here are a couple of examples: navigation lights, landing gear, sound systems, Glowplug driver, bomb release, parachute, search lights, gyros, and so on.  This circuits connects to a RC car controller servo output….. [Tony van Roon's circuit]
Reduce Component Count & Improve Efficiency in SLIC & RF Power Supplies -  DN282  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note added 1/06)

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  • Electronic Circuit Design
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RF Actuated CW Monitor -  amateur radio construction projects…. [from Peter Parker's website]
RF Detector -  Schematic only, no circuit description
RF detectors, level meters, attenuators, dummy loads, Signal dividers -  several circuits on this page…. [Jan-Martin Nøding's site]
RF Dummy Load -  make this simple RF Dummy Load for off-air testing of your radio transmitter......
RF HF-VHF-UHF Voltage Controlled Oscillators using HyperAbrupt Tuning Diodes -  MicroNote 707) from Microsem  (app note added 2/06)
RF Modem Robotics Project -  (electronic Circuit added 03/06)
RF Power Detector for CDMA & WCDMA -  National Semiconductor Application Note LMV225/LMV226/LMV228 November 2004....[App Note]
RF Power Detector with Buffered Output & >40dB Dynamic Range -  Linear Technology LTC5505-1 / LTC5505-2 (app note added 2/05)
RF Power Meter -  RF Power Meter for QRPers  (electronic circuit added 03/04/05)
RF Power Meter for the QRPer -  amateur radio construction projects…. [from Peter Parker's website]
RF Probe -  Use this probe with any transmitter for tuning. Connect the probe at the output of each stage and tune till maximum DC voltage appear on Digital Voltmeter.  (added 3/06)
RF remote Control Based on Basic Stamp -  (electronic Circuit added 03/06)
RF Sensing relay driver -  (circuit added 6/07)
RF Sniffer <.5 to >500 MHz -  (electronic Circuit added 03/06)
RF Transmitter -  (electronic Circuit added 03/06)
RF Transmitter uses AMI encoding -  11/24/99 EDN-Design Ideas....Although alternate-mark-inversion (AMI]encoding is well-suited for direct-conversion FM transmission, designers often overlook the technique. AMI, a three-phase, synchronous-encoding technique, uses bipolar pulses to represent logic ones and no signal to.... EDN is migrating links. This link is not verified.  Google the "title" EDN for new link.

RF Detectors:   #'s - B      C - K      L - O      P - R      S- Z

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