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USB Interface Circuits

USB Interface Circuits:  #'s - H      I - S    
T - Z

Last Updated: January 01, 2018 04:02 AM

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i2c-tiny-USB, a Simple Circuit i2c interface for the USB port -  Attach any i2C client chip (thermo sensors, AD converter, displays, relais driver, ...) to your PC via USB quick, easy and cheap!  Drivers for Linux, Windows and MacOS available. __ Designed by Till Harbaum <Till @ Harbaum.org>

I2C-tiny-USB. Part 1 -  Attach any I 2 C client chip (thermo sensors, AD converter, displays, relais driver,) to your PC via USBquick, easy and cheap!  Drivers for Linux, Windows and MacOS available.  The i2c-tiny-USB project is an open source/open hardware__ 

I2C-tiny-USB. Part 2 -  Compiling the firmware The ATtiny45 is quite new and thus not all parts of the development chain support this chip in their current release versions.  The latest binutils (linker an assembler) and avrdude (programmer) support the new chips as well__ 

IgorPlug-USB (AVR) Universal USB interface -  Yes! ! !  now its possible to connect an AVR  microcontroller direct to USB port of PC, running  windows.  This circuit is infrared (iR) receiver__ © Vassilis Serasidis

Image-Capture System Uses USB & Labview -  24-Jun-10 EDN Design Ideas:  Capturing and processing graphical images requires manipulating data into a form that you can use.  This design idea describes an imaging system using a USB (Universal Serial Bus) image-capturing system that uses OmniVision’s 640×480-pixel, 8-bit-color OV7660 image sensor.  The CY7C68013A-128AXC from Cypress Semiconductor provide as a USB interface between a PC and the image sensor (Figure 1).  The control software is written in LabView from National instruments __ Circuit Design by Chien-Hung Chen and Po-Jui Chen, National Applied Research Laboratories, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Interface MIDI Instruments to a PC through a USB Port -  04/17/08  EDN Design Ideas:  You can interface MiDi-equipped musical instruments to a PC via a USB port __ Circuit Design by Stefano Palazzolo, Senago, Milan, Italy

iPOD Charger -  The circuit's pretty simple, basicly it's just a voltage regulator.  Both the LM317 and the REG1117A (LDO) fit the PCB, maybe there are even more types that i'm aware of that can be used on it.  I did add one extra thing: a LED that shows if the connected device is consuming power.  To do this I used a shunt resistor and a current converter.  I choose 0.2 ohm for the shunt, since it's not hard to come by and should only drop 0.1VAT500mA.  Either an iNA168 (current output) or an iNA193-198 (iNA194 is best in this case) (voltage output) will fit as current converter.  The trip point at which the LED should start to burn can easily be adjusted by one resistor (in case of the iNA168) or by two (in case of the iNA193-198).  in the schematic it is set at 100mA using an iNA168 using a 950k resistor.  The Schmit buffer is a Texas instruments Little Logic chip (1G17).  __ 

Isolated USB-to-UART converter builds in 20 minutes for $20 -  EDN Design Ideas:  08/31/2015    This Design idea describes a simple project that embedded developers will love for keeping their computers safe from rogue USB devices __ Circuit Design by Jacob Beningo

LCD 2 USB -  LCD2USB is a open source/open hardware project.  The goal of LCD2USB is to connect HD44780 based text LCD displays to various PCs via USB.  LCD2USB was meant to be cheap and to be made of easily available parts.  it is therefore based on the Atmel AVR Mega8 CPU and does not require any difficult to obtain parts like separate USB controllers and the like.   __ Designed by Till Harbaum <Till @ Harbaum.org>

LED Light -  A simply and easy-to-make circuit, useful when working with the computer at night. (6/08/2006)  __ Designed by Jose Pino

LED Load -  The board supports driving two separate tri-color LEDs.  More can be setup inline if desired.  Currently the software only uses the second LED and its color represents the CPU load of the system in real-time.  Blue for idle and gradients light blue, green, yellow, orange, and finally red indicating heavy CPU utilization.  if the system fails to respond, the LED begins flashing RED to indicate a lack of communication from the software.  This lets you easily identify a crashed machine in a rack for example.  __ 

Link Neatly Measures Temperature -  10/26/00 EDN Design Ideas:  Figure 1 shows a convenient and neat way to measure temperature using the USB of a PC.  An ADM1023 IC senses the temperature, and an Anchor Chips EZ-USB AN2131SCµC provide as control.  The ADM1023 is a low-cost device with an accuracy of 1°C and a resolution of 0.125°C.  The IC is a two-channel device that can measure its own local temperature and the temperature of a remote location __ Circuit Design by Mary Burke, Analog Devices, Limerick, Ireland

Low-Power Car/Bike USB Charger -  Looking for an efficient USB charger that can operate from a 12V car battery? This unit functions at up to 89% efficiency and can charge USB devices at currents up to 525mA.  Best of all, it won?t flatten the battery if it's left permanently connected, as long as you remember to unplug the USB device.__ SiliconChip

Macro -  that combines a complete USB transaction layer with an 8051 microcontroller core and a functional block that implements the application-specific functions.  This macro was developed and is supported by Trenz Electronics for use with an XSV Board__ 

MP-3 Stereo Transmitter with USB control from a PC -  This low cost MP-3 player was designed to be run from a PC via a USB interface.  The MP-3 audio from a PC sound card is transmitted to a home stereo via a synthesized FM Transmitter.  Also included is a 433 MHz wireless remote control to provide basic VCR type functionality to the whole design.   __ Designed by Steve Hageman

Multiple Output DC/DC Converter Runs Off 2-Cell AA Batteries USB or AC Wall Adapter -  DN1006 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

New ICs Simplify Battery Charging from the USB -  DN320 Design Notes __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Phone USB charge hack -  iphone, ipad, HTC phone, how to charge via home made charge cable  __ Designed by Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU

PIC USB Interface with FT245 -  This is a simple design that interfaces a PIC  16F877 microcontroller to the USB bus using the FTDI FT245 USB FiFO device. 
it has been designed using a simple single sided PCB with only. ( __ Designed by Ian Stedman

Power USB Devices From a Vehicle -  11/18/10 EDN Design Ideas:  Supply power to two USB devices from the cigarette lighter or other power source.  [Design ideas by Fons Janssen, Maxim integrated Products inc, Bilthoven, the Netherlands __ Circuit Design by Fons Janssen, Maxim Integrated Products Inc, Bilthoven, the Netherlands

Powered AA NiMH
& NiCd Battery Charger
-  The charger in this project is designed to charge two AA NiMH
or NIC d cells of any capacity (as long as they are the same) at about 470mA.  it will charge 700mAh NIC ds in about 1.5 hours, 1500mAh NiMH
s.   __ Designed by Stefan Vorketter

Power-supply operates from USB port -  09/23/10 EDN Design Ideas:  Get 1.25V to 3.75V from an adjustable regulator.    __ Circuit Design by Stefano Palazzolo, Senago, Italy

Printer Sharing Switch -  I had two computers, a Mac MinI and a generic Windows computer.  Both were on different networks, but in the same room, and I wanted to share a Lexmark USB laser printer between the two of them.  I ended up making this switch to share the printer between the two computers __ Designed by Dick Cappels

Programmer for Atmel AVR Controllers -  USBasp is a USB in-circuit programmer for Atmel AVR controllers.  it simply consists of an ATMega48 or an ATMega8 and a couple of passive components.  The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver, no special USB controller is needed.  __ 

RDS Coder Board using ATmega32 -  This board is a RDS coder using an ATMEL AVR ATmega32.  This board can be controled by a RS232 link, USB interface or SPi.  TA data is displayed wiyth a LED and can be controled by :, Hardware input, RS232, USB, SPI (not yet implemented) __ 

RS232 Serial to USB Converter -  This is simple RS232 Serial to USB Converter that doesn’t need any further explanations.  You can use it for any projects that might need it.  Diagrams for USB and DB-9 female connectors are provided.  __ 

Self-powered Soundcard -  High fidelity external USB Soundcard / USB Headphones project that can be built for your PC or Mac.  it is based on the latest PCM2706 IC which functions as a high quality, crystal clear 16-BiT Stereo DAC.  it is a single chip digital-to-analog converter that offers two D/A output stereo channels, digital S/PDiF output and requires very few external components.  PCM2706 includes integrated USB 1.0 & USB 2.0 compliant interface controller and it is conveniently powered directly from USB connection.  PCM2706 is a USB plug-and-play device and does not require any driver installation under Windows XP and Mac OSX.  __ 

Simple Circuit Efficient All-In-One USB Power Management IC Solution -  DN1008 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Simple Circuit Ft245 USB Oscilloscope for the PC  -  if you are thinking about adding a USB interface between your project and a PC, read on.  implementing USB is now easier than you think.  Eddy insam will show you how.  The USB (Universal Serial Bus) provides a new way of interfacing low and medium speed peripherals to personal computers.  That old workhorse, the RS232 connector, is fast becoming obsolete, even becoming absent in newly purchased PCs.  __ 

Sound Card with PCM2702 -  Make a sound card is no more a complex issue.  if you use great IC PCM2702 from BURR BROWN / Texas instruments you can create a fully functional USB sound card.  This sound card can be__ 

Supply 2A Pulses for GSM Transmission from 500mA USB or PCMCIA Ports -  DN307) Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Supply Derives 5 & 3.3V from USB port -  20-Dec-01 EDN Design Ideas:  The circuit in Figure 1 derives its power from a USB port and produces 5 and 3.3V supply rails for portable devices, such as digital cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs.  The circuit allows the port to maintain communications while, for example, charging a lithium-ion battery.  IC 2 boosts the battery voltage, VBATT, to 5V, and IC 3 buck-regulates that 5V output down to 3 __ Circuit Design by Chad Olson, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA   

Got Designs?
Please eMail
if you want me to link to and/or post your original design Thanks.

USB Interface Circuits:  #'s - H      I - S     T - Z

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