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USB Interface Circuits

USB Interface Circuits:  #'s - H      I - S    
T - Z

Last Updated: January 01, 2018 04:02 AM

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The Itsy-Bitsy USB Lamp -  it plugs into the USB port and is just the shot for checking motherboard switch and jumper settings.__ SiliconChip

The USB MIDI-Mate: a MIDI Interface for PCs -  An up-to-date MiDI interface for PCs__ SiliconChip

Universal I/O Board with USB Interface -  This hardware i/O board will let you drive a host of digital and analog i/O (input/outputs) via the USB interface on your laptop or desktop computer.  Based on an Atmel Atmega32 microprocessor and not much else, it works on Windows, Linux and Macs.__ SiliconChip

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Peripheral Isolator  -  A detailed schematic and a picture of the circuit boards used in the test setup are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 4.  , Equipment Needed The following equipment is needed: a PC with Windows® XP or Vista, a USB data port connection, the ADuM4160 evaluation board isolation adapter, the EVAL-7991EBZ evaluation board and AD7991 evaluation software, two USB cables, and a high speed digital oscilloscope.  __ Analog Devices from the Lab

Ultrasound Receiver-40Khz -  A X100 transistor amplifier is followed by a zero cross detector circuit, using a voltage comparator.  The output is a TTL logic signal, corresponding to the received 40KHz signal . . . Hobby Circuit designed by David A. Johnson P.E.-January, 2006

UPS for Cordless Telephones -  Cordless telephones are very popular nowadays.  But they have a major drawback, i.e.  they cannot be operated during power failure.  Therefore usually another ordinary telephone is connected in parallel to the...__ Electronics Projects for You

UPS to Hybernate PC -  Most of the low-power UPS systems available in the market do not have the facility to shut down the PC before they turn off automatically due to low battery.  Some of them have the facility but they require software for the same.   __ Designed by Suresh Kumar K.B.

USB 2.0 temperature sensor needs only a handful of parts -  05/24/07  EDN Design Ideas:  A USB-to-serial converter forms the heart of an accurate USB temperature sensor __ Circuit Design by Silvio Lauckner, Ismaning, Germany

USB Audio Streamer a Microchip PIC based USB sound card -  A Microchip PIC  based USB sound card iNTRODUCTiON The idea for creating a USB sound card based on a PIC  came from discussions of other people creating one on the Microchip USB forum.  The hardware of the card is based on all Microchip products.  The __ Designed by Radio LocMan

USB AVR In-System-Programmer -  USB AVR programmer that supports a lot of AVR microcontrollers  __ Designed by Klaus Leidinger , Dimitris Porlidas , Mike Henning andVassilis Serasidis on ©

USB Bit Wacker-18F2550  -  This is an easy to assemble, through-hole version of the popular UBW board.  This is a spectacular little development board featuring the PIC 18F2550.  Based on the work of Brian Schmalz, the UBW is a small board with a command interpreter for basic input and output control.  When attached to a Windows/Max OS X/Linux computer, the UBW will show up as an RS232 Com port!  You control the individual i/O pins on the PIC  through simple serial commands.  This is a kit and includes a pre-programmed 18F2550 and both male and female connectors so you can choose which connector you would prefer.  __ 

USB Bit Whacker-Simple Circuit USB input/ output Device -  The UBW board is a small board that contains a Microchip PIC  USB-capable microcontroller, headers to bring out all of the PIC s signal lines (to a breadboard for example) , only costs about $15-$20 to build and is powered from the USB connection.  I designed this board to be a simple parallel port replacement tool for Bruce Shapiro for use in his bits-to-bytes-to-bots class.  Apologies to all other 'Whacker' projects like EDTP's Packet Whacker for stealing a great name.  All tools used to design this project are free, and the design is open to anyone to use for whatever they wish.  Please build your own and improve upon it! .  __ 

USB Clock with LCD Readout, Pt.1 -  This LCD USB Clock connects to your PC's USB port.  it synchronises its time with your PC - and ultimately an internet time server - when your PC is on to maintain accurate time-keeping.  it can also operate on its own using battery back-up and has user-selectable display modes.__ SiliconChip

USB Clock with LCD Readout, Pt.2 -  Last month, we detailed the circuit of the USB Clock and showed you how to build it.  This month, we detail the software installation and describe how it is used.  We also describe how to synchronise your PC to an internet time server and how to synchronise the USB Clock to the PC each time the PC boots up.__ SiliconChip

USB Data acquisition with PIC18F4550 -  This project is simple and small component count USB data acquisition or USB DAQ.  The main core of USB device is PIC 18F4550.  The firmware for PIC  modified from Microchip CDC library.  When connect this USB Data acquisition with PC then windows ask for driver after driver installed (only first time) you will have a new COMx if not connect the COMx not create by Windows.  __ 

USB DS1820 PC Thermometer -  This is a digital thermometer based on USB PIC 16C745 microcontroller from Microchip and DS1820 sensor from Dallas Semiconductor.  Temperature readings are sent over USB port in HiDCOMM USB mode to VB6 program on a PC.  Hex program and sample Visual Basic 6 application is included.  __ 

USB FM Transmitter -  Here is a simple USB FM transmitter that could be used to play audio files from an MP3 player or computer on a standard VHF FM radio by connecting it to an USB port.  The circuit use no coils that have to be wound.  This USB transmitter can be used to listen to your own music throughout your home.  To keep the fm transmitter circuit simple as well as compact, it was decided to use a chip made by Maxim integrated Products, the MAX2606.  This IC from the MAX2605-MAX2609 series has been specifically designed for low-noise RF applications with a fixed frequency.  The VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) in this IC uses a Colpitts oscillator circuit.  The variable-capacitance (varicap) diode and feedback capacitors for the tuning have also been integrated on this chip, so that you only need an external inductor to fix the central oscillator frequency.__ 

USB FM Transmitter MAX2606 -  This MP3 Player FM transmitter can be used to listen to your own music throughout your home.  The transmitter circuit use no coils that have to be wound.  When this FM transmitter used in the car, there is no need for a separate input to the car stereo to play back the music files from your MP3 player.  __ 

USB interface for parallel LCDs -  Adding a cheap LCD to your PC is a popular diy project for many beginners in electronics.  The parallel port however, is dead.  it's obsolete.  it's big.  ugly and just awful.  The solution? Add a USB interface to your existing LCDs.  The circuit__ 

USB iPOD Charger -  The circuit's pretty simple, basicly it's just a voltage regulator.  Both the LM317 and the REG1117A (LDO) fit the PCB, maybe there are even more types that i'm aware of that can be used on it.  I did add one extra thing: a LED that shows if the connected device is consuming power.  To do this I used a shunt resistor and a current converter.  I choose 0.2 ohm for the shunt, since it's not hard to come by and should only drop 0.1VAT500mA.  Either an iNA168 (current output) or an iNA193-198 (iNA194 is best in this case) (voltage output) will fit as current converter.  The trip point at which the LED should start to burn can easily be adjusted by one resistor (in case of the iNA168) or by two (in case of the iNA193-198).  in the schematic it is set at 100mA using an iNA168 using a 950k resistor.  The Schmit buffer is a Texas instruments Little Logic chip (1G17).  __ 

USB -IR-Transceiver (aka Ghetto Blaster) -  This nice gadget directly uses the bitstream coming out of the USB-UART-Adapter to key an oscillator (on/off) , build around a NE555.  The carrier is approx.38 kHz, close to those of a Remote Control.  Just louder :-) A recycled IR - Receiver provides an rx path. __ Designed by Alexander C. Frank, aka Ajarn Changpuak

USB LED Light -  A simply and easy-to-make circuit, useful when working with the computer at night. (6/08/2006)  __ Designed by Jose Pino

USB LED Load -  The board supports driving two separate tri-color LEDs.  More can be setup inline if desired.  Currently the software only uses the second LED and its color represents the CPU load of the system in real-time.  Blue for idle and gradients light blue, green, yellow, orange, and finally red indicating heavy CPU utilization.  if the system fails to respond, the LED begins flashing RED to indicate a lack of communication from the software.  This lets you easily identify a crashed machine in a rack for example.  __ 

USB LED Night Light -  A typical USB LED bulb shown in Fig.1 is a 5V, 5W USB-powered solid-state lamp.  At the heart of this light bulb is a circular aluminium PCB made with a...__ Electronics Projects for You

USB link neatly measures temperature -  26-Oct-00 EDN Design Ideas:  Figure 1 shows a convenient and neat way to measure temperature using the USB of a PC.  An ADM1023 IC senses the temperature, and an Anchor Chips EZ-USB.   PDF contains several circuits, scroll to find this one.    __ Circuit Design by Mary Burke, Analog Devices, Limerick, Ireland

USB Macro -  that combines a complete USB transaction layer with an 8051 microcontroller core and a functional block that implements the application-specific functions.  This macro was developed and is supported by Trenz Electronics for use with an XSV Board__ 

USB Mono FM Transmitter -  This small FM transmitter with a range of about 50 meters designed for connection to the USB port.  With lots of mini-transmitters then you have a comprehensive, action-packed radio program.  Due to the power supply via the USB port of a high frequency stability is achieved.  Alternatively, the receiver, a battery 5 to 12 volts to operate.__ 

USB Mp3 Player -  if you go to the market to buy an MP3 player with USB compatibility, it will cost around 500 rupees or more.  But you can assemble one for yourself for 150...__ Electronics Projects for You

USB -PLL / DDS-Interface -  Your nifty tool for development and repair.  Useful for pll's, dds, almost anything 3-wire serial __ Designed by Alexander C. Frank, aka Ajarn Changpuak

USB Power Booster -  The USB serial bus can be configured for connecting several peripheral devices to a single PC.  it is more complex than RS232, but faster and simpler for PC expansion.  Since a PC...__ Electronics Projects for You

USB Power Injector for External Hard Drives -  A portable USB hard drive is a great way to back up data but what if your USB ports are unable to supply enough "juice" to power the drive? A modified version of the SiLIC ON CHiP USB Power injector is the answer.__ SiliconChip

USB Power Socket -  Today, almost all computers contain logic blocks for implementing a USB port.  A USB port, in practice, is capable of delivering more than 100 mA of continuous current at 5V to...__ Electronics Projects for You

USB Powered AA NiMH
& NiCd Battery Charger
-  The charger in this project is designed to charge two AA NiMH
or NIC d cells of any capacity (as long as they are the same) at about 470mA.  it will charge 700mAh NIC ds in about 1.5 hours, 1500mAh NiMH
s.   __ Designed by Stefan Vorketter

USB Powered DVI/HDMI-to-VGA Converter (HDMI2VGA) with Audio Extraction  -  in normal operation, the UART interface can also be used as a debug output or terminal during software development__ Analog Devices from the Lab

USB Printer Share Switch -  This simple device allows two computers to share a single USB printer or some other USB device, such as an external flash drive, memory card reader or scanner.  A rotary switch selects the PC that you wish to use with the USB device, while two LEDs indicate the selected PC.__ SiliconChip

USB Printer Sharing Switch -  I had two computers, a Mac MinI and a generic Windows computer.  Both were on different networks, but in the same room, and I wanted to share a Lexmark USB laser printer between the two of them.  I ended up making this switch to share the printer between the two computers __ Designed by Dick Cappels

USB programmer for Atmel AVR Controllers -  USBasp is a USB in-circuit programmer for Atmel AVR controllers.  it simply consists of an ATMega48 or an ATMega8 and a couple of passive components.  The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver, no special USB controller is needed.  __ 

USB RDS Coder Board using ATmega32 -  This board is a RDS coder using an ATMEL AVR ATmega32.  This board can be controled by a RS232 link, USB interface or SPi.  TA data is displayed wiyth a LED and can be controled by : - Hardware input - RS232 - USB - SPI (not yet implemented) __ 


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USB Interface Circuits:  #'s - H      I - S     T - Z

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