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Bad Office Chair Wheels

Last year I bought a chair for my office.  It is classic style with a high back and five caster type wheels.  The chair sits on a large plastic pad so the wheels easily roll.  One by one every one of the original casters has broken.  I bought a set of five replacement wheels and over the course of about 3 months I had to replace every one of the original casters with the replacement wheels.
The replacement wheels have held up nicely and none of them has broken yet.  As expected, the chair and the wheels were all made in China.  Another Bad Chinese product. The replacement wheels were made in the US.  Even a heavy person, weighing say 250 pounds would have his or her weight divided among the 5 wheels.  There is no excuse for this kind of inferior product.
Office Chair Replacement Castor Broken Castor

December 2009     Issue 4

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