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What the World Needs Now is --   Wind Power Monitoring Blimp

Wind energy is becoming more and more popular.  It is one of the fastest growing sectors of all the renewable energy schemes.  However, not every location is suitable for capturing wind energy.  Trees, buildings and the lay of the land can often conspire to reduce the wind energy to useless levels.  One way to determine if a location is suitable is to monitor the speed of the wind over a period of time.  The conventional way is to erect a tall tower and position one or more wind speed indicators along it.  Data from those is then fed to a computer for later analysis.  But, erecting a tower can be expensive and time consuming.  I imagine a wind speed indicator attached to a helium filled blimp as shown below.  A light weight anemometer would be installed on top of the blimp.  The blimpís shape would aid in gathering wind direction data using an electronic compass. The wind speed and direction data would be fed to a battery powered RF transmitter, which would periodically spit out the data to a matching receiver, connected to a computer.  Computer software would capture the data and stamp it with the time and date.  Distance tick marks on the blimpís rope could help position the blimp at various heights to determine the best place for any future wind generator.  The wind speed data would be collected and analyzed to determine if the site would be suitable.  This data collection scheme may be a service offered by local renewable energy companies.  They may lease the equipment for 6 months to a year and maintain the blimp, which would need helium refilling periodically.

December 2009     Issue 4

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