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Building & Construction 
Circuit Protection 
Data Acquisition & Signal Conditioning 
Electrical & Electronics
Electrical Distribution & Protection  Electric Motors
Embedded Systems 
Flow Control & Fluid Transfer 
Fluid Power
Imaging & Video Equipment 

Industrial & Engineering Software  Industrial Computers
Lab & Scientific Instruments 
Lighting Fixtures and Lamps 
Mfg & Process Equipment 
Material Handling & Packaging Equipment  Materials & Chemicals 
Mechanical Components 

Meters, Readouts and Indicators 
Motor Parts & Accessories 
Motion & Controls 

Networking & Communication Equipment  Optical Components & Optics 
Passive & Discrete 
Piezoelectric Devices

Power Generation & Storage 
Power Supply & Conditioning  Semiconductors 
Sensors, Transducers & Detectors 
Specialized Industrial Products 
Surge Suppressors 
Test & Measurement Equipment 
Wiring & Accessories 
Wire & Cables

Manufacturing and Process Equipment
  • Abrasives, Grinding and FinishingEquipment and products used for abrading , smoothing, or polishing.
  • Air QualityInstrumentation and equipment used to control the properties and degree of purity of air. These types of equipment include dust collectors, oxidizers, scrubbers and adsorption equipment.
  • Coating EquipmentProducts to coat and protect surfaces from contamination and corrosion.
  • Cutting and Forming ToolsWide variety of tools for cutting, shaping, forming, and finishing metals and other materials in the manufacturing process.

  • Electronics and Microelectronics ManufacturingMicroelectronics and thin film manufacturing equipment including vacuum systems and components, gas delivery systems, deposition systems, photolithography units, etching equipment, annealing furnaces and other accessories.
  • Environmental EquipmentEquipment involved in the remediation of environmental factors. Specific aspects covered include water and wastewater treatment, air and groundwater quality analysis, waste processing, and pollution control.
  • Filtration and Separation ProductsProcessing equipment such as centrifuges, clarifiers, and several filter technologies used to filter or separate media of different materials or sizes.
  • Fluid Processing EquipmentAny piece of equipment used to monitor, distribute and store process and industrial fluids.
  • Gas Handling EquipmentAny piece of equipment used to monitor, distribute, generate, compress and store process and industrial gases.
  • Hand, Power and Assembly ToolsTools, equipment, and supplies for industrial fabrication, assembly, and prototyping.
  • Heating and Cooling EquipmentOvens, furnaces, induction heaters, welding equipment, heat exchangers, fans, blowers, refrigerators, baths and other equipment for heating or cooling materials.
  • Industrial Cleaning and Surface PreparationEquipment and supplies used to refine or roughen a surface to meet surface finish requirements or to clean, strengthen or prepare the surface for additional processing.
  • Industrial Heaters and Heating ElementsElectrical resistance heaters or their internal elements; designed to provide an integrated thermal source for products or systems.
  • Industrial Machine SafeguardingComponents or systems that protect industrial machinery, operators or moving parts from injury or damage from electrical, mechanical or other potential hazards.
  • Inspection Tools and InstrumentsEquipment for metrology, inspection and quality control of dimensional features, internal flaw levels, surface characteristics and other industry specialized parameters.
  • Machine ToolsMachine tools are power driven machines used to cut, form, or shape metal and other materials.
  • Manufacturing Equipment and ComponentsEquipment and components used for specialized applications. Some examples include wire straightening, lubrication, and the creation of extrusions, pultrusions, castings, and molded shapes.
  • Materials Processing EquipmentExtruding, casting, forging, compacting, heat treating, molding, rolling or other processing machines and components used for metals, polymers or other materials.
  • Molding Equipment and SuppliesMolding equipment and supplies are used by molding equipment manufacturers and end users.
  • Process ControllersInstruments for monitoring and automatically revising process parameters such as temperature, pressure, force, humidity, level and flow.
  • Safety and Personal Protective EquipmentSafety equipment guards personnel or areas from hazardous conditions or mitigates damage. Personal protective equipment protects individuals from personal injury.
  • Safety Sensors and SwitchesSafety sensors and switches are used in machines and other industrial aplications to safeguard equipment and prevent personal injury.
  • Vacuum EquipmentVacuum equipment is used for degassing, welding, and the manufacturing of thin films, semiconductors, optics and specialty materials.
  • Web Handling and Processing EquipmentEquipment for handling, processing and converting continuous webs of textiles, paper, plastic films, metal sheet or other materials.
  • Welding Equipment and SuppliesEquipment and supplies used to weld and solder.


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Imagineering Ezine    Discover Solar Energy Dave Johnson & Associates Faraday Touch Switches

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