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Hobby Circuits designed by Dave Johnson

Last Updated on: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 03:04 PM

List of Dave's Circuit Designs

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Transistor Circuits
Circuits Designed by David Johnson, P.E. :

FET Input High Speed Light Detector

FETs & Logic Devices Divides Supply Voltage on Charge Pump Efficiently

Form Push-Pull Driver using N-Ch & P-Ch Transistors 

High Impedance JFET Buffers

High Speed Light Detector from FET Input

Improve Response Time of a Photo Transistor Circuit

JFET High Impedance Buffers

N-Ch & P-Ch Transistor Form Push-Pull Driver

NPN/PNP Transistor Tester

Peak to Peak 300v Signal Generator

Protects from Battery Polarity Reversal

Sink to Source Universal DC Converter

Solid State Touch Activated Switch

Temperature Sensor MOSFET

Universal DC Sink to Source Converter

Very Low Power Astable Multivibrator


300v Peak to Peak Signal Generator

AC/DC relay from Charge Coupled MOSFET

Astable Multivibrator with Very Low Power

Bi-Directional Charge Coupled Powers MOSFET Relay

Characteristics of CMOS Logic Inverter Amplifiers

Charge Coupled Bi-Directional Power MOSFET Relay

Charge Coupled MOSFET Relay #2

Charge Pump Efficiently Divides Supply Voltage 

Circuit Protects from Battery Polarity Reversal

CMOS Logic Inverter Amplifier Characteristics


Hobby Circuits by Category

  David A. Johnson, P.E. about these circuits



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