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Monday, March 09, 2015 05:19 AM

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1 Wire Barometer -  By using a dual voltage supply, instrument precision and/or instrument range can be improved without adding significantly to the parts count.… [from Rob Paisley's Model Train web site]
1-Wire Barometer (David Bray) -  This article describes details for constructing a 1-Wire Barometer which will work on a Dallas Semiconductor Corporation 1-Wire network. The reason for this second version is that the transistor level-changer of the original design was found to be temperature sensitive....Circuit design added 08/08/08)
1-wire barometer (gladstone) -  This is a description and the ongoing story of my project to build a 1-wire barometer based on the MPX4115A....
1-wire lightning monitor -  This article describes the construction of an experimental lightning monitor for use with the Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire bus.  This monitor provides real-time data on lightning activity by counting the number of lightning strikes in the area.  This device is designed to either....(design added 08/08/08)
1-wire weather station -  The Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Weather Station (WS-1) was created in 1998 as a demonstration tool of 1-Wire technology. It was featured in the June 1998 issue of Sensors magazine. The weather station reports wind speed, direction, and temperature to a PC connected via its RS-232 serial port....(app note added 08/08/08)

1-wire weather station  -  This article presents a 1-Wire® weather station that solves many of these problems by transmitting both power and bi-directional data over a single twisted-wire cable
1-Wire Weather Station (Dan Awtrey) -  To accurately describe current weather conditions and predict coming events, meteorologists need reliable data. Much of this information is collected from weather stations, and forecasters would like to have more of them. The problem is that conventional meteorological instrument systems are inefficient and expensive. (design added 08/08/08)
741 Based Light Sensor -  The circuit as shown act as a light sensor. Under normal conditions the resistance of the LDR is high, keeping pin 2 low. When light falls onto the LDR the resistance drops to a couple hundred ohms and triggers pin 2 high which biases the base of Q1 via pin 6 and R4 and in turn activates the relay.…. [Tony van Roon's circuit]
An Experimenter's 1-Wire Barometer -  This article describes details for constructing a 1-Wire Barometer which will work on a Dallas Semiconductor Corporation 1-Wire network…(circuit added 08/08)
AN-256: Circuitry for Inexpensive Relative Humidity Measurement -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note added 2/06)
AN-829: Environmental Compensation on the AD7142: The Effects of Temperature & Humidity on Capacitance Sensors -  AN-829 Analog Devices Application Notes....[App Note]
Anemometer Circuit -  A totally Electronic circuit to measure Air FlowZero to 250 feet per Minute.  Thats only 2.84 MPHBut it can be Modified for other Rates of Air Flow(schematic / circuit added 10/06)
Another One-Transistor Cloud Charge Monitor -  Here is a simple electrostatic charge monitor that may be used to detect any slowly changing electric field including charges swirling around in a thunderstorm or the charge on a moving pocket comb from across a room. The heart of the circuit....(circuit / schematic added 08/08/08)
Basic Stamp Based Altimeter -  A method of determining altitude is by  use of barometric pressure; however, it is not done without difficulty. The relationship of pressure vs. altitude is not a linear one, it is actually a fairly complex one, which  army came up with in  1930's.  This is  equation for calculating(added 6/06)
Cloud Charge Monitor -  The Cloud Charge Monitor is an extremely sensitive device capable of detecting subtle (and not-sosubtle) changes in the accumulated charge overhead. The device consists of a charge-sensing antenna, a 60 Hz notch filter, a self-zeroing integrator, a signal limiter, and a leakage zero adjustment....(electronic circuit added 7/03)
Connection Tester -  A low resistance ( 0.25 4 ohm) continuity tester for checking soldered joints and connections (added 09/05)
Dew Sensor -  Dew (condensed moisture) adversely affects the normal performance of sensitive electronic devices. A low-cost circuit described here can be used to switch off any gadget automatically in case of excessive humidity. At the heart of the circuit is an inexpensive (resistor type) dew sensor element. Although dew sensor elements are widely used in video cassette players and recorders, these may not be easily available in local market(added 10/06)....
Electronic Barometer -  Sooner or later the weather hobbyist wants an electronic barometer, the main advantage being that it can be read automatically by a computer, chart recorder, or other data taking system. Most electronic barometers use some sort of strain gauge transducer to directly convert pressure to voltage and true weather bureau performance can be difficult to achieve....(design idea added 05/05/05)
Electronic Barometers -  Have you ever noticed how those technical-looking aneroid barometers in the stores all indicate a different pressure? And when you tap them gently they assume a new and equally meaningless reading. These are not precision instruments. And since they tend to stick, they aren't even useful for monitoring the rapid variations caused by passing storms. A home-made liquid barometer can exhibit excellent accuracy and repeatability and the response is nearly....
Environmental Compensation on the AD7142 -  AN-829 Analog Devices Application Notes....[App Note]
Ethernet Weather Station -  Using an add-on card to the already existing avr ethernet board we build a weather station. That is: A weather station with a build-in webserver. My original plan was to have sensors for temperature, air pressure and wind. I started a prototype and it worked very well except for the wind measurement part. I plan to improve the wind measurement hardware and add it at a later point in time. ….(electronic schematic added 11/08)
Home-Brew electronic altimeter -  A while back, I decided I wanted an altimeter to record how high my rockets were flying. I didn't want to buy one, since a) they aren't cheap (at least, not the ones which do everything I want them to do), and b) buying one is far too easy. I considered the CP Technologies kit, which is based on the Missile Works RRC2,....
Homemade Easter Egg Anemometer -  In any wind generator installation, it's critical to be able to measure wind speed. That gives you a baseline against which to measure your machine's performance, and anemometers respond much more quickly to changes in wind speed than do wind generators. Commercial anemometers....(added 2/06)

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