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Weather Instruments  Page 3
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Last Updated on:  Thursday, October 30, 2014 09:22 AM

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Measure humidity and temperature on one TTL line -  30-Aug-01 Issue of EDN  By combining the responses of an Analog Devices (www.analog.com] AD590 temperature sensor and a Humirel (www.humirel.com] HS1101 humidity sensor, you can generate a single TTL-level signal containing information from both sensors (Figure 1).  This design uses a 74HC123 monostable multivibrator, IC1, to form a free-running oscillator.... [Design Idea by Shyam Tiwari, Sensors Technology Pvt Ltd, Gwalior, India]
PC hardware monitor reports the weather 01/18/01 EDN-Design Ideas....You usually use PC hardware monitors to keep a close eye on powersupply voltage levels, the speed of system cooling fans, and even the temperature of the CPU.….PDF has several circuits, scroll down…. [Design Idea by Sean Gilmour, Analog Devices, Limerick Ireland]
Remote humidity sensor needs no battery -  4-Apr-02 Issue of EDN  Using ac-line power sources and batteries for remote humidity sensors is undesirable because these sources can be troublesome if you mount them .... [Design Idea by Shyam Tiwari, Sensors Technology Private Ltd, Gwalior, India]
Self Heated Transistor Digitizes AirfLow -  03/14/96 EDN-Design Ideas....A sensitive and reliable way to measure airflow is to exploit the predictable relationship between airspeed and the heat dissipated by a sensor exposed to the flow while being held at a constant temperature differential above ambient. The power required to maintain the elevated sensor temperature is proportional to the square root.... EDN is migrating links. This link is not verified.  Search the "title" + "EDN" for new link.

Signal Conditioning Precisely indicates Humidity -  02/02/98 EDN-Design Ideas....The circuit in Figure 1 translates the level of humidity from0 to 100% into a stable, respective dc signal of0 to 100 mV. The heart of the circuit is IC1, the IH3602-C relative-humidity sensor (Microswitch/HyCal Sensing Products, Freeport, IL].  This device operates on 5V at 200 mA and provides a dc output of0.8 to 4.0V.... [Design Idea by William Whitehead, Lafayette, CO]
Small Portable altimeter operates from a single cell -  06/21/01 EDN-Design Ideas....Some sports enthusiasts want to know altitude changes from an initial elevation. A small, lightweight, portable altimeter is easy to design using modern micromachined pressure transducers. Inverting barometric pressure and compensating for nonlinearities in air-pressure changes…several designs included, scroll to find this one.... [Design Idea by Todd Owen, Linear Technology Corp, Milpitas, CA]
Suddent ionospheric disturbance (SID) receiver -  Schematic only, no circuit description included….
Temperature Monitor -  Using a thermistor in the position shown makes a heat activated sensor. A change in temperature will alter the output of the opamp and energize the relay and light the LED. Swapping the position of the thermistor and 47k resistor makes a cold or frost alarm.... [Andy Collison]
Transistor & FVCs Make Linear Anemometer -  09/26/96 EDN-Design Ideas....The basic operation of this front-end sensor is identical to that of the earlier circuit. Q1 is the self-heated airflow sensor; Q2 senses ambient temperature. Zero-adjust resistor R2 sets the zero-airflow quiescent bias currents for Q1 and Q2. With proper adjustment of R2, the temperature rise of Q1 from its collector power dissipation.... EDN is migrating links. This link is not verified.  Search the "title" + "EDN" for new link.
Transistor Trio Makes Vector Anemometer -  09/01/97 EDN-Design Ideas....A previously published Design Idea (Reference 1] uses a heated transistor as an airspeed-to-frequency converter. Because it uses only one transistor, the circuit cannot determine the direction of airflow. Alternatively,.... [Design Idea by W Stephen Woodward, Chemistry Department, University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill]

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