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Bad 40W Fluorescent Lamps 

Is it just me, or are standard 48 inch 40W florescent lamps dying much faster these days?  I remember when these things would last 3 years or more.  Now, Iím replacing them more like every 6 months.  Some donít even last one month.  When I moved into my current house some 12 years ago, I installed a number of fluorescent lamp fixtures on the ceiling of the garage.  The fixtures hold two standard 40 watt, 48 inch cool white lamps.  I have about 6 fixtures in total.  When I first installed the lamps, they would last for many years before I had to replace a single lamp. They would work well, even when the garage temperature approached freezing temperatures.  Now, nearly all of the lamps are failing from the cold and seldom do any of the replacement lamps
I make it through the warmer months without dying.   What has changed?  The only thing I can verify is that the latest lamps are coming from China, while the older lamps, the ones that lasted for 3 years, were made in the USA.  It makes no sense to me.  Iím paying the same for these lamps as I used to pay yet they are lasting only about one sixth as long.  I may be saving energy but Iím not saving money when I have to keep replacing the lamps.  Also, it is not just standard fluorescent lamps that have short lives.  Many of the compact fluorescent lamps I have purchased lately die an early death.
Twin 48 inch 40 watt Fluorescent Lamp Fixture Bad 40w Lamp
Compact Fluorescent Lamp Failure

December  2010     Issue 14

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