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What the World Needs Now --
Bovine Calving Alarm

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This request came to me by way of a dairy farmer in Minnesota.  He has a large number of milk cows and breeds them.  He said he lost a few cows because they had trouble giving birth in the middle of the night.  What could be done to help him? 

The farmer wanted an egg shaped device to be placed in the cow’s virginal area.  Flexible “flapper” arms on the device with low pressure springs would be held against the egg when inserted.  Once inside, the arms would grip the uterine walls.  The device would contain a small battery and an encoded radio transmitter.  When the cow starts giving birth, the egg would be forced out as the calf is pushed through the birth canal.  A switch connected to one of the flapper arms would switch on the radio transmitter.  A nearby box, containing a matching radio receiver, would collect the ID info for the particular cow and send it to the farmer by various means.

Cow Giving Birth                 

The radio receiver could activate a loud audible alarm. It could send a message to the farmer on his cell phone or beeper.  It could send an email message to his computer or a neighbor’s computer.  Armed with this information, the farmer could quickly monitor’s the cow’s progress and could send for a vet if trouble should materialize.

December  2010     Issue 14

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