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Tester or Instrumentation Circuits, Page 12a
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Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :
  • Solar Cell Test Fixture
    If you are considering building your own solar panel, you might try building the solar cell tester shown below. When constructing a solar panel it is important to make sure that all the solar cells used in the panel be closely matched for their short circuit current. One weak cell will lower the efficiency of the whole panel. The system shown allows individual solar cells to be tested for their short circuit current under a constant light intensity condition....

  • Solar PV cell Test Fixture
    This is an illustration of a test fixture, which can be used to test individual solar cells for short circuit current.  Using a PIN photo diode and a control circuit, the solar cells can be tested under constant light level conditions. A halogen incandescent lamp is used as the light source. (added 7/06)

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:
Signal Conditioning Precisely indicates Humidity -  02/02/98 EDN-Design Ideas....The circuit in Figure 1 translates the level of humidity from0 to 100% into a stable, respective dc signal of0 to 100 mV. The heart of the circuit is IC1, the IH3602-C relative-humidity sensor (Microswitch/HyCal Sensing Products, Freeport, IL].  This device operates on 5V at 200 mA and provides a dc output of0.8 to 4.0V.... [Design Idea by William Whitehead, Lafayette, CO]
Signal Injector / Tracer -  A simple test circuit to fault find audio and radio equipment. Can be used to inject a square wave signal, rich in harmonics, or used with headphones as an audio tracer. [Andy Collison]
Signal Tracer -  The main part of this circuit is the LM386 amplifier chip. It also uses a transistor input to buffer the input signal and provide extra gain for the LM386. The little unit has helped me out on numerous occasions when trouble shooting any amplifier circuit like a stereo receiver, tv / vcr audio section, radios, cd players and car stereos…. [Randy Linscott, designer]
Signal Tracer & Injector -  ….(electronic schematic added 03/08)
Signal-to-noise-meter  [Jan-Martin Nøding's site]
Signature Analyser -  A component signature analyser that allows in-circuit parts tests  ....

Simple 6 Digit 40MHz Frequency Counter Module -  Here is the design for a very low cost 6-digit frequency counter module using of the shelf components (and not that expensive 74C926!). The standard circuit will display directly in Hz (1MHz max), and there is a separate on board divider that will allow you to display directly in KHz (approx 40MHz max). Because the display(add 11/05)
Simple BER Meter is Easy to Build -  03/02/00 EDN-Design Ideas....A bit-error-rate (BER]tester is a basic tool for digital-communications measurements. Although many commercial BER testers are available, you can easily design and build an inexpensive version. The scheme in Figure 1 has performance similar to that of a.... [Design Idea by Luis Miguel Brugarolas, Sire Sistemas y Redes Telmaticas, Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain]
Simple blown-fuse indicator sounds an alarm -  10-Jul-08 Issue of EDN  A simple blown-fuse-indicator circuit sounds a buzzer and flashes an LED when a fuse blows.... [Design Idea by Vladimir Oleynik, Moscow, Russia]
Simple but reliable car battery Tester -  ….(Circuit design added 03/08)
Simple Car Battery Charger psimages -  This very simple circuit uses a transformer ,two diodes , a capacitor and an ammeter.  To charge a battery just connect  + and terminals of  circuit to  corresponding terminals of  battery.  When  battery is not charged,  ammeter reading shows 1-3 amps....(added 10/05)
Simple car battery Tester -  This circuit uses the popular and easy to find LM3914 IC.  This IC is very simple to drive, needs no voltage regulators (it has a built in voltage regulator) and can be powered from almost every source… [author: Jonathan Filippi]
Simple circuit detects DC ringing -  08/17/00 EDN-Design Ideas  EDN is migrating links. This link is not verified.  Search the "title" + "EDN" for new link.
Simple Circuit Detects Loss of 4-20 mA Signal -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note added 2/06)
Simple circuit produces a less than 25 nsec pulse -  05/11/00 EDN-Design Ideas....In many testing situations, a circuit that can produce a short pulse is useful. You can use a short pulse to test trigger or interrupt-pulse-width requirements and to mimic glitches or noise on inputs, for example. In some cases, short pulses with long delays between them are desirable. For these cases, a function generator is inadequate because you can reduce the duty cycle low enough.... [Design Idea by Andy Brandenberger, National Instruments, Austin, TX]
Simple circuit provides high-side Current-sensing -  10/12/00 EDN-Design Ideas....In power supplies or battery chargers, you often need information about the current flowing in the high-side rail. Figure 1 shows a common circuit for obtaining this information. The circuit provides a groundreferenced voltage proportional....PDF contain several circuits.  Please scroll to find this one.... [Design Idea by M Ossmann and B Kazay, Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany]
Simple circuit serves as milliohmmeter -  15-Apr-04 Issue of EDN  When I was recently debugging a design, I discovered that a short circuit existed from a ground plane to a power plane. I did not have access to a milliohmmeter or an equivalent tester for locating this type of short circuit. So, I logged onto the Internet to find an easily constructible milliohmmeter.... [Design Idea by AM Hunt, Lancaster Hunt Systems Ltd, Shepperton, UK]
Simple Component and Continuity Tester -  This simple project can be used to test components, circuit board tracks, wires and connections.… [Designed by John Hewes]
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