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Safety Circuits Sensor / Detectors Continued Solar Cell Circuits 
Sample and Hold Circuits          Light Solar Energy Monitors
Sampling Circuits      Liquid Solenoid Circuits  

     Magnetic      Solid State Relays  
     Metal      Sound Effect Circuits    
     Microwave Sound Level Monitors
     Moisture / Water Sound Synthesizer   
        Sound Operated Circuits     
     Peak    SPICE     
     Phase Sprinkler Controls
     Position  Square Wave Generators
     Pressure    Square Wave Oscillators  
     Proximity    Squelch Circuits
     Radar Strain Gauge Circuits  
     Radiation Staircase Generators
     Resistance Step Down Power Supplies
Sawtooth Generator      RF (Radio Frequency)    Step Up  Power Supplies
Scanner Circuits          Rotation   Stepper Motor Circuits  
Schmitt Trigger      Seismic Stereo Circuits
SCR Circuits      Solar Energy Strobe Circuits  
Silicon controlled Rectifier Circuits      Smoke  Super Capacitor Circuits
Security Circuits        Speed Surround Sound Circuits
Seismic Monitors      Temperature       Sweep Circuits
Sensors / Detectors      Vacuum Swimming Pool Alarm
     Accelerations       Vibration      Switch Circuits  
     Air Flow         Voltage       Switch Mode Power Supplies
     Air Quality      Water / Moisture      Switching Regulators   
     Automotive        Wind Speed   Sync Circuits
     Biomedical   Servo Circuits      Synthesizer Circuits
     Capacitance   Shaft Encoders

     Conductivity  Shunt Regulators     
     Current  Sine to Square Wave
     Dew   Silicon Controlled Rectifier
     Distance   Sine-Wave Generators
     Flame   Sine Wave Oscillators
     Frequency   Signal Adders  
     Gas  Signal Conditioning 
       Signal Generators  
     Human Proximity     Signal Injectors
     Human Touch Single Sideband Circuits
     Humidity   Siren Circuits
Smoke Detector
Snow Detector
Snow Level Monitor

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T / R (Transmitter / Receiver) Switch Television / VCR Remotes Traffic Counter
Tachometer Circuits Temperature Alarms Train (Model) Circuits
Telemetry Circuits Temperature Compensation Circuits Transceiver Circuits
Telephone Circuits    Temperature Control Circuits   Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS)
Telephone Ringers   Temperature Sensors Transducer Circuits
Television Circuits Tesla Coil   Transformer Circuits  
Testers    Transimpedance Amplifiers  

Theremin Circuits    Transistor Circuits   
Thermocouple Circuits Transmitter Circuits  (AM, FM. IF, RF)   
Thermometers    TRIAC Circuits   
Three Phase Circuits Triangle Wave Generators
Tilt Meters Triangle Wave Oscillators
Time Delay Circuits Triggering Circuits
Timers and Counters   Transistor Transistor Logic Circuits
Tone Controls TTL Circuits 
Torque Circuits Tunnel Diode Circuits  
Touch Switch Circuits    TVS 
Track and Hold Circuits TV / VCR Remotes

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Water Sensors Weather Instruments   Wind Speed / Direction Monitor
Water Level Monitors       White LEDs  Window Comparator Circuits
Watt Hour Meter Circuits   White Noise Generators   Wire Tracer  
Waveform Generators   Wide Band Circuits    Wireless Microphones
Wave-Shaping Circuits Wien Bridge Oscillators Wireless Telephones  


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